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New Long Term Breeding Project

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Apologies for not posting for a while, life just gets in the way. But with the arrival of some new fish, starts a New Long Term Breeding Project.

I saw mature large “breeding pairs” of these fish three years ago at a local auction in West Yorkshire, they were advertised as a breeding pair, definately males and females but I suspect the owner, had no success in breeding them and hence they were up for auction. To this very day, I regret not keeping my hand up for longer, they sold for little money! and it’s taken me that long to obtain some young fish so I can grow on, and hopefully ontain some breeding pairs.

Let me introduce you to the Electric Blue Jack Dempseys

Alot has been documented and written about these fish, click the link above to search for it.

Two sites Practical Fiskeeping Article Blue Jack Dempsey identity revealed and have some excellent information, rather than me retype it here.

But first things first, they need to grow……and then I can select males and femles.

Electric Blue Jack Dempseys Pic 1
Electric Blue Jack Dempseys

Electric Blue Jack Dempseys Pic 2
Electric Blue Jack Dempseys

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Another power outage

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

The petrol generators primed, I’ve got 40l of petrol, I’m ready for tomorrow’s power outage between 9.00am – 4.00pm.

I’m hoping for a warm day, so I can clean six new fish tanks outside on the lawn, otherwise it’s going to be an interesting day listening to the wind-up/solar powered radio. Maybe I’ll catch up on the last 12 months PFKs!

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Genetically Modified Tropical Fish

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

You may have noticed the banner advert at the footer of the blog Campaigning for the Ban on Dyed Tropical Fish led by PraticalFishkeeping.

I’ve been seeing quite a few Pink/Red Zebra Danios of late in the local tropical fish shops, and thought these were colour endhanced, but they could be possibly genetically modified. If these fish are GMed, they are illegal in the UK, as a license from DEFRA to keep and import is requried.

Last night a program called Animal Farm stated that GMed fish could be on-sale across the world.

The following four minute clipped was aired on Channel 4’s Animal Farm last night (2 April 2007).

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Help us map the UK’s tap water quality

Friday, May 26th, 2006

After posting my water filter post, about changing from CBR2-10 to a Chloroplus-10, looks like this is just in time, read the PFK Article here

PFK Help us map the UK’s tap water quality

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Tropical Fish Update

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

Female Platinum Angelfish
Recovering well, after a week of MelaFix, I’ve completed a 50% partial water change this evening with my new toy, more on that another day, on the tank, and added two Bristlenose catfish Ancistrus to eat the algae that the MelaFix has encouraged to grow in the last week.

Sturisoma Aureum
All the fry have hatched in the second batch, and are hanging around the tank, they are not free swimming yet, More have hatched in this latest batch. The first batch are ferocious eaters, and are eating well, on spinach. More have hatched in this latest batch. There is some doubt at present as too whether these are Sturisoma Aureum, need to take some better photographs to have them correctly identified.

Royal Pleco, Royal Parnague, Panaque sp. nigrolineatus L190
I forgot to mention a few weeks ago I purchased two small L190s from Tropica in Knaresborough (and if you’ve never been there your missing out!), when I purchased them, they were in individual tanks, the reason I was attracted to them, is they have different colourations to the existing L190 I have and have usually seen, these are a grey/blue slate colour. They were going to go into different quarantine tanks, but…due to fish moves, they went into the same quarantine tank. For the first 24 hours, they were fine, but then they started fighting like cats and dogs, and almost tore each other apart, so they were isolated, and have been doing very well since, on algae wafers and Sera Crisps, and Bogwood.

PFK has an article this month on L190s, and it’s featured on the front cover, so if you don’t know what one looks like, it’s on the December 2005 Issue, (scroll down the page – it’s on the right!)

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PFK Newsfeeds fixed.

Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

no more to be said, I was using the older legacy feeds…..


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Technology failed!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

Angelfishcam No.3 is down, the camera has failed. Sorry for the inconvience this may cause.

Since PracticalFishkeeping have re-launched their fabulous new website the RSS Feeds from PFK are weird, it’s being sorted by the Website and Technical Editor.

and I’m too tired to plant the Amazon Swords. Still working the late shift this week.

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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

The Subscription Offer URL is incorrect on the last post, PFK have been advised.

So the telephone number is 0870 124 1010 and say “FLIP”.

I don’t know what the flip is all about, do fish flip?

I thought they flapped!

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"Purple Spotted Goby" – Mogurnda Adspersa

Thursday, September 1st, 2005

I also noticed in an aquatic outlet today some very inexpensive fish, at giveaway prices to clear, described as Purple Spotted Goby Mogurnda Asdpersa, I took all six, these were probably reduced to clear because they probably grow to two foot long in six weeks.

There’s an excellent article here on what is commonly called the Southern purple spotted gudgeon hosted at

Hopefully with a colony of six, I may end up with a pair, they are handsome little character fish.

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