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Bathroom Decoration (After)

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

The bathroom decoration is almost finished and I must just mentioned 99.9% completed by Lindsey.

Bathroom 9
Look, my 0.1%, I’ve installed a new light fitting!

Bathroom 10

Bathroom 11

Bathroom 12

Bathroom 13
The original idea by me, was to sand the floorboards and wax, despite Lindsey disagreeing. After test sanding the floorboards (not an easy job), I noticed that there were large gaps in between each board, which would require filling with woodbeads and resin, and I’ve been told, I would need to rewax the floor every 12 months. So we’ve decided to floor with wood effect vinyl, after we’ve had a visit from the Bathroom Doctor to checkout whether the wash basin can be saved, we will decide on fitting the vinyl flooring.

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Bathroom Decoration (Before)

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Lindsey started decorating the bathroom in November 2006, I just forgot to upload these pictures to the blog! She stripped the wallpaper, removed the fixtures and fittings. I helped remove the carpet in the bathroom, who has carpet in the bathroom! and with the electrics, removed a knackered fan heater from the wall.

Bathroom 1
Ceiling has been painted, covering the wood effect, with eggshell paint.

Bathroom 2
Note the original colour of the wooden unit under the wash basin!

Bathroom 3
Note the original colour of the wood panel on the airing cupboard.

Bathroom 4

Bathroom 5

Bathroom 6
It’s been painted green.

Bathroom 7
Umm, didn’t like the green, eh, It’s now been painted blue.

Bathroom 8
It’s now been re-painted another shade of blue!

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Leaking tank (again)

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

My partner went into the garage aka fish house this morning to do the washing (the garage also shares the washing machine and tumble dryer), and found water all over the floor. I thought I was getting a lie in bed today, so up early at 8.30am. It appears the seal had failed again on the base of the tank. The tanks contains approx 170l of water, no fish were harmed because although 8″ of water had been lost from the tank, once the pressure had dropped it was leaking slowly. I had two “cold spares” in the garden, so they were quickly cleaned and test-filled, whilst I caught all the fish, emptied the tank, keeping the water, and using the external filter to heat and filter the water whilst the fish were in 80l containers.

By 2pm the fish were back in a new tank, sited and filtered.

and then…..

this tank started to leak, the seals on the base of this tank had also failed. I tried to fix with silicon sealer, but it’s very difficult to fix a leaking tank when wet!

It’s still leaking, I’ve got a cat little tray under the tanks, whilst I asses my options. I have another “cold spare” but it’s just the time, I’ve got available to swap again.

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Out and about..

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

Whilst travelling up to North Allerton today to collect some new half leather seats for my Peugeot 205, I passed a tropical fish shop called Aquatic Finatic situated on the A168 – Thirsk Road, just outside North Allerton. A little bit too far for a regular visit from York, but definately worth a stop, and browse on the way back, (engine and gearbox needed a cooldown, after raylle-ing around North Yorkshire Dales to the back of beyond to collect my seats!).

A very interesting tropical fish shop, friendly staff, interesting fish, and plenty of ‘Ls’ in stock. A nice discount of ten percent on many fish, if you purchase more than 5. I needed to stock up on Zebra Danios to keep tanks “cycling” so I purchase twenty, and some Hikari Algae Wafers, it’s good to see these back in stock at last.

P.S. The music on the Aquatic Finatic website sounds like, a man on a keyboard at the local social club!

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Close shave and chill

Friday, February 16th, 2007

I’ve eventually purchased a Python No Spill Clean & Fill Water Changer with an additional 30 inch Python No Spill Extended Length Gravel Tube, which resembles one of the items in the personal property, returned to Austin Powers in the film International Man of Mystery. The scene returning Austin’s personal property after reanimating him! It would be easier using a extended gravel tube on my large 6ft tank.

I tested it quickly last night, and re-filled with ease, but I had not thought carefully enough about introducing cold water straight from my HMA filter into the tank, the cold water which is heavier than warm water fell to the bottom of the tank causing on of my male Altums Angels to chill. I thought I would lose him, so I quickly moved him into another warm tank.

He appears to be okay this morning.

I do not think I will be filling with cold water again, I usually top up with water at the correct temperature.

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