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FREE Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter Kits

Friday, August 2nd, 2019

My FREE Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter Kit has arrived. (okay, it cost me 1 pence!)

Boxed and Unopened Azure Sphere MT3620

Boxed and Unopened Azure Sphere MT3620

Opened Azure Sphere MT3620

Opened Azure Sphere MT3620

The Azure Sphere MT3620

The Azure Sphere MT3620

Get it FREE here

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Andy’s gets adventurous with Arduino Prototyping and Embedded Systems and adds a LCD display

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

So it was naff, hooked up to a computer, so I could read Temperature and Humidity, so my friends at EmbeddedSilicon sent me a LCD readout, I think it’s called a 16×9 something! So now it’s a bit more useful, as a standalone display.

LCD display showing Andysworld!

LCD display showing Andysworld!

LCD display showing Temperature and Humidity

LCD display showing Temperature and Humidity

LCD display showing Temperature and Humidity

LCD display showing Temperature and Humidity

My thanks to the peeps at EmbeddedSilicon for the items. I’m now waiting for a WiFi board!

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Andy’s first steps into Arduino Prototyping and Embedded Systems

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

So the problem, I need to measure temperature and humidity, and calculate the condensation risk in my attic!

The Solution

An Arduino and a temperature and humidity module, and I can do the rest, and beam it to the Cloud for plotting!

and I just know the place to go to get this stuff –

and here it is:-

Arduino Uno and DHT11 sensor

Arduino Uno and DHT11 sensor

and this is the output from the serial console

Console output - sensors readings

Console output - sensors readings

Andy get’s adventurous and adds a breakout shield (I think that’s what they call it!)

Arduino with a breakout shield

Arduino with a breakout shield

Got to find a WiFi module, then I can beam results to the cloud…

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Wuala by LaCie service, comes to an end! Goodbye Wuala!

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

Wuala by LaCie comes to end today (15th November 2015). You’ve maybe never heard of it, but it was one of the first pioneers of Secure Cloud Storage, that not only offered traditional Sync, similar to Dropbox, but Backup, Sync, Change Control, Version Control – with a Standalone Java Application, that operated across all platforms, to Browser Client, and support for all mobile devices. A brilliant cloud storage platform, which originally allowed you to trade up storage, by offering storage on your computers to share with the cloud, this was withdrawn, a few years after I started using it!



I came across Wuala, when I purchase a USB flash drive from LaCie, in 2010, and I’ve been using it every day, with family and friends.

It had a simple interface, and I really enjoyed using it! and I’ve not found a replacement with similar functionality, and I’ve checkout out, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, Box and finally Tresorit



I can only assume, that since Seagate purchased LaCie in 2012, it’s not in Seagate business model, to own and run a Secure Cloud Storage company, or Seagate/LaCie could not compete with the various Cloud Storage platforms available online today, and it was running at a loss!

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Google wishes me Happy Birthday!

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

googlehappybirthday1Even Google know’s it’s My Birthday today!

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FREE 50GB of Cloud Storage for Lifetime @BoxHQ – 50GB of free cloud storage in a few clicks…

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Yes, that’s correct. you read it correctly, to celebrate Box’s release of the new iOS (iPhone and iPad) app, there are giving away 50GB of cloud storage, if you sign up with a new account by February 15th 2014. This Box account can then be accessed from your iOS device, Android device, Windows PC or Mac. You must sign-up to a new account via an iOS Device! to get your FREE 50GB! 50GB of free storage in a few clicks…

50GB for Lifetime on BOX

50GB for Lifetime on BOX

Follow these quick steps, to get FREE 50GB!

  1. Go to the AppStore on your iPad or iPhone (must have iOS 6.0 of later!).
  2. Download and Install the BOX application.
  3. Start the BOX application, and Click Sign Up
  4. Enter an email address and password, and Click Sign Up (you must use a new email address, which is not registered with BOX!)
  5. BOX will Create the Account, and send an email to the email address you entered.
  6. Click the Link in the email from Box to Activate the Account.
  7. Log In on the iPad or iPhone
  8. Once you have logged in successfully, you will receive an email stating You now have 50GB of Storage!

Post to Twitter top notch delivery, gets better! Give a try this Christmas!

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Google-ing the Internet where I could purchase a particular item on Friday afternoon, surprise, surprise! only Firebox and, had this item listed.

Later Friday evening at exactly  8 November 2013 18:57, I picked up my smartphone and Googled again, and was taken to the website, it stated order in the next 3 minutes for delivery Saturday 9th November 2013, with 1-Click Checkout I was done, and it was ordered!

What’s bizarre, is I’ve had a delivery before from for a Saturday delivery, which arrived by DPD, my usual DPD deliveries, advise me of when it’s going to be delivered, but not Saturdays, unless there is not enough time to prepare the information.

At  8 November 2013 22:11, I had confirmation from my order had been despatched. This also provided DPD tracking information that confirmed it was at Oldbury.

DPD Tracking Information

DPD Tracking Information

I set my alarm clock, to wake me up, as DPD deliveries can be early on Saturday, so much for the rest! Shortly after opening the bedroom curtains, I spotted the DPD delivery van, which could only have been for me, with my Order!

Here it is:- Angus has to inspect everything, well it is for Esther, Angus and Tilly.




So this Christmas why not place an order with, or use DPD for your deliveries.

I do not work for or DPD.

and if you are interested, in what my order was, you will have to wait until tomorrow!

UPDATE see what was ordered here!

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cloudHQ – Backup and sync data between Cloud Storage providers

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Do you find yourself with half a dozen cloud storage providers?

I’ve currently got storage accounts with

  • Dropbox, Wuala, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive and Evernote

I needed to get some files onto my Microsoft Surface RT tablet yesterday, unfortunately there seems to be an issue with Dropbox with the Surface RT and syncing to the cloud, the Surface RT uses Skydrive.

But how do I get my data from Dropbox to Skydrive?

Use cloudHQ, this cloud based application will continuously sync all your files between different cloud services: in real-time

Start a FREE Trial here

It took me five minutes to complete the easy drag and drop configuration to sync files and data between Dropbox and Microsoft Skydrive!

You can also Backup all your emails from Gmail to Dropbox!

Brilliant use of the Cloud, Excellent Product, I also like the ability to browse current cloud storage vendors using the cloudHQ website!

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Barclaycard! What is this PayTag crap?

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

It’s Friday, the end of the week, Bank Holiday Weekend, and I’m going to have a RANT!

In the post the other day I received this item from Barclaycard, it’s called a PayTag.


It’s a contact-less payment system,

the instructions state “Just snap off your PayTag sticker and remove the protection backing. Then, just stick it onto the back of your mobile”.

Hang on, lets just rewind there…..Then, just stick it onto the back of your mobile..

WHAT, Why would I stick this crap, on the back of my nice new shiny Nexus 4!

I do wonder if Barclaycard had surveyed it’s customer asking them if they wanted to stick this crap, on their new shiny “eye-candy” expensive mobile phone!

A comment from one colleague “why would I stick that on my phone worth a couple of hundred quid!”

Not very scientific, but I surveyed 6 colleagues in my department, ALL of which have just purchased new shiny mobile phones

  • Google Nexus 4 (4)
  • iPhone 5 (1)
  • White Nokia Lumia 920 (1)
  • HTC (something) (1)

Not one of the above people, after showing them the PayTag, wanted to stick this crap on their shiny new mobile phone!

My phone shares the same pocket as my wallet, so why would I not just get my wallet out with my Barclaycard!

Barclaycard, here’s a thought, why not just Develop an iPhone or Android App!

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What’s your Cloud Cred?

Monday, April 15th, 2013

VMware have launched a CloudCredibility website, what’s your Cloud Cred?, you get points for completing various Cloud Tasks (some with a VMware twist!).

I’m currently in team vExperts2 – (there are only 6 of us at present, hopefully more will join!)

My Team Members are:-

LucD –

Andreas Peetz –

Ed Czerwin

nielsengelen –

Chris …

Update: I got 50 Cloud Cred Points for blogging this!

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