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Andysworld! comes home!

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

It’s been just a little over 10 years ago that I migrated Andysworld! and all my hosting to the US, with

BUT – 20 days ago, I was left with

  • No hosting.
  • No email for 4 days.

There was no explanation of when it would return. So I’ve voted with my feet, and brought it all back to the UK, where I’ve been hosting with since 2004, in one shape or form, when they acquired PurpleCloud!! (in 2011).

This is strapline – “Professional Web Hosting from Just Host – JustHost”

All I can say is…Just****.com.

So since I’ve  moved it all back, there maybe some teething issues…

Faster SSD Hosting Krystal


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Just for you Conner!

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

My Nephew Conner, wanted me to put this on my blog, so here it is….maybe he’s going to be the next Sir Alan Sugar or Sir Richard Branson!

Free Domain Names provided by Dot.TK. Need a Domain Name, Create one in a minute!

(no idea what it’s all about!). But if it helps him become a Millionaire, hopefully I’ll get a bite of the cherry!

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Many Thanks, and thumbs up to Eclipse Internet (UK)

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Well it’s not often that I praise an Internet Service Provider, and as you may have seen by my recent “rants” and “tweets”  I had a little issue with my ISP Eclipse Internet, based in Exeter, Devon, UK in the last approx 23 hours. (alright my lover!)

So I thought I’d put my hand in the air, and put the record straight on this, one, the simple fact is we have a 40GB limit under the Fair Usage Policy between the hours of 9am – 11pm, if you exceed it, you are restricted to 256Kbps. (horrible!).

At the end of May we’ve been downloading new Microsoft, VMware software, and new Vendor virtual applicances for testing, these were only a few DVDs, but the data adds up. We do track throughput and data usage here in the office, for our own statitics, and have been doing this for the last 6 years. This is collected from the router, so ALL traffic is monitored in and out of the network. This isn’t collected from a single PC.

Data throughput from 2006 - Present day

Data throughput from 2006 - Present day

Our average daily peak usage (9am – 11pm) is approx 1.5GB, that is general email and web browsing. At the end of May (24th, 25th, 27th) see here

DVD downloads from Microsoft, VMware and other vendors

DVD downloads from Microsoft, VMware and other vendors

we boosted the limit up a bit, on June 6th 2011, we received an email from Eclipse Internet stating we had hit the Amber  zone, and if we continue to download at the current rate, we would be stuffed into the Red Zone, and limited to 256kbps. We cannot stop the mail flow during the day, or the web browsing, so we did move large downloads into off-peak, hoping not to get the Red Zone treatment, my only small complaint, was we did email Eclipse asking how much data allowance we had left in peak hours, which went unanswered.

Yesterday evening at approximately 11pm we received the dreaded Red Zone email and we were restricted to 256kbps broadband speed.

0.1MBps Download and 0.3MBps Upload

0.1MBps Download and 0.3MBps Upload

0.1MBps Download and 0.3MBps Upload

0.1MBps Download and 0.3MBps Upload

This was horrible, the internet is un-useable at the speed, you really notice all the cookie, tracking websites, waiting for websites to load, I’m glad I usually have between 1.5Mbps – 2.7MBps (to be confirmed!).

At 4.00pm today, enough was enough, and I called Eclipse Internet, Business Sales, and spoke to a very nice Sales agent called “John”, to switch our current older product (Evolution Pro 3) to Business Bronze, we’ll we get 50GB peak, and it costs less, on a 1 month contract – Fantastic, oh, and the Data Allowance gets reset! –

We’ve just been switched to Business Bronze. A Result. Thank you Eclipse!

We are very happy with Eclipse Internet, and we’ve now been with Eclipse for 7.5 years.

So far this month we downloaded 70GB!

and if I look in the new Control Panel, I’ve got some new controls and graphs to play with

Data controller to prioritize traffic

Data controller to prioritize traffic

and a new statistics utility

New data graph

New data graph

We will just have to see if 50GB is enough!

Thanks Eclipse!

Eclipse Logo

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Fecking Apple! Poor Service Mobile Me eMail Very Poor

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

(I was going to write s one eye t, but I thought some children follow the blog so maybe not appropriate!)

Apple (Steve Jobs) you’ve really p****d me off now.

What do you notice about the following screenshot?

No email in over 1.5 hours?

No email in over 1.5 hours?

No email since 4.00pm. Now it might be usual for you not to receive emails in a 1.5 hour window, but not me. I checked a little further and found my iPad was not receiving any mail, and couldn’t log into Apple’s Mobile Me email, no error message. So I tried using a notebook and a desktop computer and still couldn’t login to Apple Mobile Me email, all the other options were working iDisk, Gallery etc. Again just the rotating twinky, staring at me on screen for minutes not doing anything.

Apple Mobile Me status indicated that Service Status was normal. So I called Apple Technical Support, that gave me a URL to have a Live Chat with an Engineer.

Nothing like a email from them warning of the Outage for Maintenance!

So I had a little rant, about better off with GMail, Hotmail or Yahoo, that provide better uptime and storage management, this was the response. I’ve never had any issues with Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail.

So, there you go two weeks extension!

I bet they wouldn’t treat Mr Steve Jobs, Mobile Me Account like this.

Apple – Service – Zero Points.

And on that very note, APPLE if you would like to talk to me about Service Delivery, or Indsutrial Strength IT Servicesjust let me know!

I’m going to Leave Some Fecking Feedback!

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Hosting Down!

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Whoops, you may have noticed earlier, no andysworld!

Hosting issues with the server…’s back now….


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Goodbye Purplecloud and Thanks for the Budget Hosting

Sunday, May 9th, 2010


Hosting on a Budget. Done well.

I’ve been with Purplecloud since 2004, but as I migrate my last and final website, it’s time to say Goodbye. No real complaints, Budget hosting done well, and cannot grumble for a tenner a year (10 GBP). I’ve just grown up!

Thanks to James, Alasdair and David.

(PS I just wished my broadband worked as well as their Budget Hosting!)

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Blog outage again!

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

If you’ve not reached my blog today, received a Hello World, forbidden or otherwise, it’s because since 9.30GMT, the hosting server has been under a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack).

Just my luck…

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A Decade with Demon Internet

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

I’ve been with Demon Internet on and off for many years, introduced many family and friends to their Internet service. I switched to Demon Internet from CIX, when a fellow CIX member Cliff Stanford, setup Demon in 1992. I remember using DOS and Windows Trumpet Winsock to access Demon Internet and the MOSAIC web browser. So I’ve always used Spuddy, CIX, and Demon to access the Internet for many years. (not forgetting access to the early Internet from Plymouth Polytechnic in the late 80s). Access to the internet was via standard dial-up modems, at a tenner a month, from local pops (point of presence) around the UK, before demon rolled out 0845 numbers. So when I started Cyrus Computer Consultants Ltd (circa 1999), I followed my own recommendation and my business joined Demon Internet in 1999, to provide web and email hosting, and ISDN circuits for Internet access. However in 2004, I decided to obtain my ADSL broadband from Eclipse Internet, a South West company based out of Exeter, but kept my web and email hosting with Demon Internet.

Just short of a decade with Demon Internet by a few days, I have now decided to cancel and leave Demon Internet forever, it’s just not cost effective anymore for us to carry on hosting with the organization. It’s with great sadness I do this, because it feels like losing a great friend! Over the last 10 years, we’ve had great service (okay, a few times no mail for 24-48 hours, but I almost forgot that outage, but it caused real embarrassment with me, when a large World Wide IT company  couldn’t email me!).

So the Fax to terminate went off the other day (yes, I found a modem lead!), on 4 June 2009, and I asked for the domain to be transferred to our control. (I also asked them to phone me, when this has been done, so we could make arrangements, so no  email or web access would be lost – this obviously got lost in translation at the call centre! – there was no call!), but I was surprised the change was done, as soon as the fax hit the floor!

So for the last 6 days, email has been arriving from two different sources, whilst the Domain Name System synchronies across the Internet. I think DNS updates are now complete, because I’m not getting any mail from Demon at present.

So Farewell, Old friend Demon Internet…

Thanks for 10 years of service…

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NEW WEBSITE! (hosting server)

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

It would appear that something weird is happening, and the nameserver entries are “bouncing” between the old and new nameservers, the effect of this is, is sometimes you get the old, and sometimes you get the new website. This is out of my control because it’s to do with the DNS cache’s that exist in the Internet and also your computer! It should settle down after 48-72 hours. When the nameserver updates have propagated across the internet. I’ve posted this as a sticky, so you can see if you have reached the old or new website. It may help if you flush the DNS cache on your computer. If I’m talking techie jargon and you’ve switched off don’t worry.

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Website Move

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

All seems to have gone well, I think. Here’s the boring techie, nerdie stuff. I started the move this afternoon at 12.30pm by changing the IPSTAG from the existing registrar to new new one. This change happened immediately, and the IPSTAG was changed to the new registrar. In hindsight, I think it would have been better to change the DNS nameservers first to point to the new hosting server rather than after. There was a small issue, and just my luck, after I had changed the IPSTAG, I noticed that there was a strange error in the transfer to the new registrar, and this is why:

“Unfortunately the company Nominet, the governing body of all .uk domains is currently out of service and experiencing problems. We are waiting for their systems to come back up.”

At approx 5.00pm, I was able to complete the transfer successfully, and update the nameservers to point to the new hosting server. During this time, I started copying the blog software and database to the new hosting server (here).

At present, I’m still waiting for the nameservers to update. So at present the old hosting server is responding to requests.

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