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Ethiopia holiday photographs uploaded!

Sunday, April 28th, 2013
Rock Churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia

Rock Churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia

It was not widely published, but during the month of March 2013, Lindsey and I went to Ethiopia and Kenya for our holidays, the Ethiopia holiday photographs have now been uploaded to our Holiday Photograph Album

or directly here :-

Lindsey has sorted, and out of the original 1000+ photographs taken, these are the best 40%! These photographs are straight from the camera, and resampled and reduced for viewing on the website, so they are not the original 12MegaPixel images, they have not been retouched either!

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What’s your Cloud Cred?

Monday, April 15th, 2013

VMware have launched a CloudCredibility website, what’s your Cloud Cred?, you get points for completing various Cloud Tasks (some with a VMware twist!).

I’m currently in team vExperts2 – (there are only 6 of us at present, hopefully more will join!)

My Team Members are:-

LucD –

Andreas Peetz –

Ed Czerwin

nielsengelen –

Chris …

Update: I got 50 Cloud Cred Points for blogging this!

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Whilst Andy was sleeping in the Ilkeliani Camp, Masai Mara!

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Whilst I was sleeping, Lindsey took this picture, of a Robin Chat, it’s either a Rüppell’s Robin-Chat (Cossypha semirufa) or White-browed Robin-Chat (Cossypha heuglini).

Rüppell's Robin-Chat (Cossypha semirufa) or White-browed Robin-Chat (Cossypha heuglini)

Rüppell's Robin-Chat (Cossypha semirufa) or White-browed Robin-Chat (Cossypha heuglini)

Ilkeliani Camp - Masai Mara National Reserve

Location of Ilkeliani Camp, on the Talek River - Masai Mara National Reserve

The Talek River was the location, that the BBC filmed Bella the Leopard in Big Cat Live!

and these pictures of me sleeping outside the tent, were taken at Ilkeliani Camp, Masai Mara National Reserve. It had been a long day, with a 4.30am start, and Balloon Ride across the Masai Mara National Reserve,  traditional Balloon flight Champagne breakfast, followed by a long game drive until 4.00pm, and then Andy was knackered!



Note the banana skins left in the ash tray, later the Gibbons came, and s**t all over the porch and chairs, and sun lounger, and through the ash tray round the back of the tent! I forgot we were in Africa, and Wild Animals were around, you don’t get that issue in England!

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