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This is what I won!

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

I missed out on these excellent fish last year, because I must have been sleeping when the auction lot came up, and before I knew it, they were ALL sold. I was ready and waiting this year for the breeder to return, he was in the auction room, so had he brought any fish to the auction.

I was determined these fish would be mine this year, one thing which is a little different at Castleford Fish Auctions, is if there are similiar lots, the highest bidder gets the option of all the bags! So if you want the fish you must bid, because the highest bidder has the option to snag all the bags, at the bidding price! If he doesn’t want all the bags, the option goes to the second and third bidders etc Otherwise the bidding starts again, I think this is a fair auction system.

I bid and won, my bid price was 5.50GBP for a pair, and considering you would pay that for one fish in a local tropical fish shop, an excellent price. I opted to take all three bags, but ended up with one for free, as the seller, decided that one fish, was not looking to good.

This is what I won:-

Bosemani Rainbow No.1
Bosemani Rainbow Melanotaenia boesemani

Bosemani Rainbow No.2
Bosemani Rainbow Melanotaenia boesemani

I’ve been waiting for these fish to appear at the auctions for over tweleve months!

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Excellent Aquatic Auction.

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

I’ve just returned from Castleford Aquarist Society 14th Open Show and General aquatic auction Sunday 28th May 2006 at The Civic Centre, Castleford, West Yorkshire.

What an excellent aquatic auction. Started at 1.00pm and finished at 7.00pm, more lots than last year. I’ll let you know what I purchased and post some pictures tomorrow.

and I’ve also got a 10% discount leaflet for Yorkshire’s newest specialist aquatic store at Ranchu Aquatics, 6 Brook Street, Selby. Must drive down to Selby and investigate.

More dates for the Diary

North East Yorkshire Group Killifish Show and Auction Sunday 16th July 2006, Wigginton Recreation Hall, York. From 11.00am.

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Help us map the UK’s tap water quality

Friday, May 26th, 2006

After posting my water filter post, about changing from CBR2-10 to a Chloroplus-10, looks like this is just in time, read the PFK Article here

PFK Help us map the UK’s tap water quality

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Andy’s Water Treatment Works

Friday, May 26th, 2006

All the waters used in the fish house aquariums are passed through an “Heavy Metal-Axe” (HMA) filter, stored in 100 litres containers, heated to 28 degrees C, aerated beforeadding to any aquarium as part of the partial water change or top up procedure. The main difference between an HMA and RO filter is that the HMA filter will not alter the pH or Total Dissolved Hardness of the input water. It will how ever remove Chlorine, Chloramines, Lead, Copper etc.

I use a three stage HMA filter

  • the first stage uses a 5 micron poly-spun polypropylene sediment filter for the removal of dirt and dust – this is used to protect the second stage filter.
  • the second stage uses a coconut carbon (CCB) filter, this is made from coconut shell, not coal. It is rated at 3,500 UK gallons or 6 months use. This removes chlorine and organics, ensuring that the water is chemical free.
  • the second stage used a CBR2-10 filter. The CBR2-10 filter performs many functions, CBR2-10 filter cartridges are manufactured using a patented process and combine powdered activated carbon with a specially designed media for lead reduction. In addition to lead reduction, the unique formation of the carbon block enables it to reduce Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts and fine sediment particles down to 0.5 microns. The CBR2-10 also reduces levels of chlorine, and certain VOC’s than granular activated carbon cartridges.

Today, I received my replacement filter cartridges from RO-MAN They suggested changing the CBR2-10 filter cartridge for a Chlorplus-10, which is more effective at removing Chroline and Chloromines from the water than the CBR2-10 filter cartridge previously used. (It’s the green filter on the far right in the picture)

HMA Filter 1
Sediment, Carbon, CBR2-10 used filter cartridges.

Chlorine and Chloramines are used for treating drinking water. Unfortunately, Chloramines are more harmful to freshwater and saltwater fish than Chlorine. And unlike Chlorine, Chloramines will NOT evaporate if you let the water stand.

HMA Filler 2
The new Chlorplus-10 filter cartridge, is the blue filter on the far right in the picture, third stage).

The HMA filter saves me having to treat the water with third party chemicals, which are costly. I also have an Reverse Osmosis filter, but this rarely gets used, because of the high levels of waste water produced. (I’m on a water meter!).

I never like changing the 10″ filter cartridges in this HMA filter, because it takes me a while afterwards to stop the leaks, I have to keep tighting up the 10″ filter cases with the spanner, I think I need new O ring seals!

A friend once said, I needed a new grommit fitting, becuse it was a bit slack!

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Today is Towel Day!

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Today is Towel Day!

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A Fish House Could Seriously Damage your Health!

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

A few weeks ago whilst carrying out regular daily maintenance in the fish house, I heard a “crackling sound”, at first this sounded like running water, I then smelt burning and noticed thick smoke from the terminal (chocolate) block in the following photograph. I quickly shutdown all electricity in the fish house. To investigate the problem further.

Melted Terminal Block

This 15Amp terminal block was used to connect a 500Watt (approx 2-3Amp) heater to an external thermostat. As you can see from the photograph, it’s been completely destroyed, melted and fused.

On further investigation I found that the solder used to “tin” the wires had degraded, causing a gap between the electrical contacts in the terminal block and wire. This gap caused an electrical arc, hence the crackling sound, the heat caused by this electrical arc was responsible for melting the terminal block. This heater is thermotstatically controlled, so the heater is only on for very short periods.

I understand that the practice of “tinning wires” in electrical appliances is no longer performed for this very reason, solder breaks down with age, exposure to air (oxidation) and can cause fires. Wires in electrical appliances are now terminated using bootlace ferules.

Tinned and Boot Ferrules
Tinned copper wires and wires terminated with insulated bootlace ferrules.

I’ve now started to remove all tinned wires using solder and replace with insulated bootlace ferrules. in the fish house.

Algarde Digiterm with Bootlace ferrules
insulated bootlace ferrules. in use, when connecting heaters to an Algarde DigiTherm external thermostat.

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Hikari Saga continues …

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

This hasn’t got aything todo with Noggin the Nog or Nogbad the Bad, although the later could be compared with the EU Legislation in place! Please read on …

I received an email today from a fellow aquarist who breeds Good Quality Discus in South Yorkshire, asking me where I obtained my secret supply of Hikari Algae Wafers, as he has been having difficulties obtaining them. I quickly checked a few mail order suppliers and was surprised to find they were all Out Of Stock, last October I posted an entry, stating the EU had lifted the temporary restriction on Hikari products.

I’ve spoken to PPI this afternoon, the Sole Distributors for Hikari products in the UK, which stated that some stocks of Hikari products were imported into the UK, in September/October 2005, but the temporary restrictions of Hikari products are still in place. I had assumed after this press release in September 2005, that the temporary restrictions had been lifted.

Inspectors are currently visting the Hikari plants in Japan, and a Press Release is due in the next two-three weeks.

The Algae wafer market seems to have been flooded by King British, Tetra and others to plug this hole that currently exists, in my opinion these are not as good. Sera have a good product. Catfish Crisps, my Whiptails prefer these to Hikari Algae Wafers. But I’ve not been able to purchase these in 1kg bags, have I posted this before? rumours state that Sera once made this product for Hikari, before production was moved to Japan – Allegedly.

Sera now have their own excellent coldwater, tropical and marine range of fish foods.

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WANTED: Zebra Danios!

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

I’ve only got a few Zebra Danios left, I don’t know where they’ve also disappeared, 12 months ago, I had 30+, in tanks throught the fish house.

Time to purchase more Zebra Danios, as they are handy fish to have around to mature tanks and filters.

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Corydoras Loxozonus Pictures

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Some pictures at last, and it’s given me a chance to try out a new 28mm EF EOS lens for the SLR!

Corydoras Lox 1
Corydoras Loxozonus

Corydoras Lox 3
Corydoras Loxozonus

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Dates for your Diary

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Open Shows and Auctions over the next forthcoming months in the North East. These are in my diary. Purchase some excellent quality fish, bred by fishkeepers for fishkeepers. Purchase a pair of Mature Black Bar Endlers for 1.50 GBP, not eBay auction prices for Endler fry!

Castleford Aquarist Society 14th Open Show and General aquatic auction Sunday 28th May 2006 at The Civic Centre, Castleford, West Yorkshire.

Caer Urfa Aquatic Society Open Show and Auction 2006 Sunday 4th June 2006 at The Charles Young Centre, South Shields.

Select Aquatic Society Open Show and Bring & Buy Sunday 4th June 2006 at Appleby Frodingham Social Club, Scunthorpe.

Yorkshire Association of Aquarist Societies Open Show and Auction Sunday 2 July 2006 The Villiage Hall, Stockton on the Forest, Near York.

The Tyne Tees Area Association Open Show and Auction, Redby Community Centre, Sunderland Sunday 6th August 2006.

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