Huawei E585 Unlock download!

iPad Gadget of the Year – Huawei E585 – also called MiFi device.

The Huawei E585 MiFi Moble WiFi Wireless 3G Modem is currently exclusively only available on the Three network and it’s SIM-locked to this network, if you insert another SIM from another provider O2, Voda UK, Orange or T-Mobile you’ll receive an “Insert SIM”, “Bad Sim”, “Sim Lock”, “Invalid SIM” or similiar error. If you would like to use this fanastic 3G Wireless Router on another network you’ll need to remove the SIM-LOCK. This is where you need to be very careful, there are various different ways of removing the SIM-LOCK, the correct way and the wrong way, some hacks have re-written the firmware, the result removes the SIM-LOCK, but leaves you with a E585 modem with modified firmware, and you’ll not be able to change the firmware in the future.

This method reveals the true SIMLOCK code, and then you enter this SIMLOCK code into the E585 via the web interface.

Huawei 585 Hidden Unlock Menu

Huawei 585 Hidden Unlock Menu

The method is very simple

  1. Insert SIM card from another network.
  2. Turn on MiFi (E585) Invalid SIM will be displayed.
  3. Connect MiFi (E585) to computer.
  4. Read and download flash contents from MiFi (E585).
  5. Unlock code is hidden in flash contents.
  6. Enter Unlock code in hidden menu.
  8. For details on unlocking and software please make a 10 GBP donation via PayPal.
  9. and by return I’ll send you the PDF document and software to unlock your E585.
  10. The donation pays for the hosting of this website, and thousands of hits and free information I’ve provided on unlocking Three Mobile Modems.
Comments from happy blog readers from around the world, that have donated towards my hosting and bandwidth costs, that have successfully unlocked their ‘MiFi’ Huawei E585 using my information. Please note this is NOT an automated service, and I get many hundreds of emails a day about the information posted on, please be patient!

“Daime u fast !!! Thanks andy u da man ! “
Nasser, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Brilliant, worked a treat. Thanks.”
Adam, Northumberland, United Kingdom

“It really works, Thanks Andy”
Anthony, Hong Kong

“Thank you it worked”
Kevin, London, United Kingdom

Followed all the great instructions and have unlocked device. Thanks Andy”
Paul, New Zealand

“it is up and working”
Chris, India

“Excellent. Thanks.”
Peter, Wales, United Kingdom

“Very quick, excellent unlock, thanks Andy”
Donny, USA

“Thank you so much Andrew. Now i can unlock my huawei e535.”
Thawatchai, Bangkok, Thailand

“Thank you!! It worked! Sucessfully unlocked. Great job!”
Eirc, South Africa

A breeding pair of Huawei E585 Unlocked for Orange and T-Mobile

A breeding pair of Huawei E585 Unlocked for Orange and T-Mobile

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