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Andy is Nominated as an MVE! “The Best of The Best at Experts Exchange” @ExpertsExchange

Friday, December 20th, 2013

An Early Christmas Present, when I discovered yesterday evening, I’ve been nominated as an Experts Exchange MVE (Most Valuable Expert).

Introducing the Most Valuable Experts Gamma Class

Mark Wills, Site Administrator explains what a MVE is…

But in Summary..

Mark explains MVE’s are:-

“kind of un-sung hereos in many repects”
“single most important people that contribute to quality”
“stand out bunch”
“fairly elite”
“fairly exclusive”
“The Best of The Best at Experts Exchange”

Mark Wills, Site Administrator

Most Valuable Expert Awards

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Merry Christmas from Andy, Lindsey, Esther, Angus and Tilly

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

andyandlindseyinlalibela1Wishing you ALL, where ever you may be a Wonderful Christmas!

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Swear Pig in Systems Office Raises £46 for Water Aid!

Monday, December 16th, 2013

20p per curse, was collected in the "piggy-bank" for Water Aid!

Thanks to All those, that contributed to the Swear Pig in Systems Office, we raised £46 for Water Aid!

Visit The Big Pipe Project blog

£20.80 will help provide 10m of pipe to bring water down the hill to the reservoir.


A Big Thank You from Water Aid


Receipt of Donation

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