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My name is Andy, I’m a Grease Monkey!

Monday, August 29th, 2016

After watching many episodes of Wheeler Dealers on Quest and watching Ed China (The Mechanic), whilst I was recovering from my serious road traffic accident, and also encouraged by Paul at JLB to complete my own car maintenance, on my new car, I’ve completed its full service, changed the oil, oil filter, air filter, and fuel filter myself. Repaired the central locking, repaired the rear windscreen wiper motor and pump, repaired the seat belt, and replaced the exhaust silencer. I’ve still got a few jobs to complete, replace the head lamps and bulbs, and fit a spare wheel lock, to stop the spare wheel being stolen.

I’ve had to purchase new tools, because they were lost in the old car, and this is my new chest for my tools.

This is the K-Lock spare wheel lock kit.

And this is a hole I’ve drilled/cut in my boot to install it…using my new drill bit from Machine Mart, and it cut through the car body, like butter!

A dab of red oxide paint, top and underneath.

Some grey primer…

And Citroen metallic blue paint, glad it’s under the carpet – not quite sure this is the correct match! This was a tester to check the correct paint match!


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Pokémon Go helps my recovery!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

I’ve been doing some exercise to help my recovery, and spotted these on my walks!





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Time for a chop!

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

The hedge, but I could also do with a hair and beard trim!

It’s now been 10 years, since we moved to the “Shire”, and in that time the privet hedge grown, to about 5-6 feet high, and 4-5 feet wide, the only problem is the width of the drive is disappearing, and becoming difficult to park the cars!

So time for a chop, but my Bro’ (, a Royal Horticultural Society qualified Horticulturist told me to cut a small portion first, and check if there is any new growth.

I’ve well mulched the hedge, and also watered every night.

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Thank You @HunterBoots for Excellent Customer Service

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Andysworld! is Back! – Did you miss me!? Lots to blog, and catch up!

Last weekend, I wore my Hunter Men’s Argyll Short Knee Wellies for the first time in over six months, for those that don’t know; six months ago I was involved in a serious road traffic accident, and that leads into why there have been few blog posts this year, and have just started to return to part time phased return to work.

To my surprise they leaked, and had developed a fault, on the seam. These were purchased new in June 2015.

I contacted the Just Wellies in the Amazon Marketplace I had purchased them from, and explained that at most, they had only had 6 months use, because this year I’ve been on crutches since January 26th with a fractured right patella (knee cap!) after the road traffic accident.

They escalated the matter to Hunter Boots, which agreed to replace the boots with a new pair, provided evidence was supplied that the old pair had been destroyed.

So here you go, Hunter Boots and Just Wellies

Destroyed as agreed.

Thanks Again, for Great Customer Service!



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