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Ye Olde Plum tree has fallen down

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Our old victoria plum tree has finally crashed to the ground, and killed my greenhouse!

It’s of no surprise, the crop of plums has been failing over the last six years, it’s estimated to be 200-250 years old! It was left over from the orchard before the house was built in the 1860s!

but left in its shadow are two smaller trees, that may fruit.

I do not have a chainsaw, and the trunk is too large for me to cut by electric saw or bow saw, so I’ve asked my neighbour to pop round with this chainsaw, to cut up into logs. (I don’t have a chainsaw yet!)

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Angus’ House

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Angus and Tilly, have just had their fifth birthday, so to keep Angus dry when he is out in the rain, armed with electric power tools, some wood from the woodshed and some screws made him a house or kennel, so he can stay out all day without getting wet.


Lindsey says it’s an eyesore, and she’s going to paint some flowers on it!

here are some more pictures of Angus using it…

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Andysworld! – Andy’s 1000th Blog Post

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012


Yes, thats right folks, this is Andysworld! – Andy’s 1000th Blog post. So a Big Congratulations to Me, and a Big Thank You to ALL the Readers, where ever you maybe on the internet.

Lets hope for another 1000 blog posts, and to celebrate, a cream cake with 10 candles, I could not fit 1000 candles on it, so ten will have to do.


it was very nice as well! – Andy

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