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Passed my DJI Knowledge Test – I’m safe to fly my drone!?

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

You may have read, or seen on the news The Government in July 2017, stated in the future Drones over 350 grams, need to be registered in the United Kingdom, by Pilots aged over 18 years of age, and some sort of training course and exam would be required for Pilots to pass, to fly drones as a Hobby!

Drones – are you flying yours safely? (and legally?)

Parliament issued an update in November 2017

DJI Drone World leader changed their Smartphone Application today, and before you could fly you needed to Pass their DJI Knowledge Test, which had 8 questions about flying drones in the UK, you only get four attempts to take the test, and I assume then if you do not pass, you cannot fly your drone!

DJI Knowledge Quiz

DJI Knowledge Quiz

DJI Knowledge Quiz - Pass

DJI Knowledge Quiz - Pass

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Jack Frost visited last night

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

This short 5 minute 1080P HD clip was recorded at 8.30am on the 19 December, it’s not snow on the roads, it’s just a hard frost. It’s at approximately 30 feet above the ground.

Watch as I miss a telephone line by inches, and also look out for Angus!

It gives me an idea of the road conditions before driving to work…as the first two miles of driving in rural Yorkshire can be very hazardous as the roads are NOT gritted!

I’ve had a cold for a week, so not been feeling well enough to concentrate whilst flying…

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400ft 360 deg panoramic photograph above Meltonby

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

So today, built up enough confidence to fly at 400 feet, which is The Drone code Be Drone Safe proposed rules for safe flying of drones maximum “safe” altitude.

What I didn’t expect was the the iPhone application to crash, leaving my drone at 400 feet! It sounds worse than it did, because I was able to restart the application, re-connect to the drone, and issue a return to home.

I could have brought it home using the remote controller, which connects to the drone, the Phone and App connect to the remote controller, and in the event, it loses contact with the remote control will issue a return to home!

So panic over!

I managed to solve the issue with the App, by removing the video cache, and later this afternoon, re-visited 400 feet to take this photograph.

400ft 360 deg panorama photograph above Meltonby

Click to enlarge!

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The first snowy day of 2017

Friday, December 1st, 2017

So this is the first snowy day of 2017, the snow fell yesterday, and didn’t stop, and fell overnight…

Out just before dawn with the drone, as the sun rose – got to keep up those flying hours…

Snowy Morning at 350 feet

Snowy Morning at 350 feet

Snowy day looking towards the Yorkshire Wolds

Snowy day looking North towards the Yorkshire Wolds

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