Tropical Fish Update

Female Platinum Angelfish
Recovering well, after a week of MelaFix, I’ve completed a 50% partial water change this evening with my new toy, more on that another day, on the tank, and added two Bristlenose catfish Ancistrus to eat the algae that the MelaFix has encouraged to grow in the last week.

Sturisoma Aureum
All the fry have hatched in the second batch, and are hanging around the tank, they are not free swimming yet, More have hatched in this latest batch. The first batch are ferocious eaters, and are eating well, on spinach. More have hatched in this latest batch. There is some doubt at present as too whether these are Sturisoma Aureum, need to take some better photographs to have them correctly identified.

Royal Pleco, Royal Parnague, Panaque sp. nigrolineatus L190
I forgot to mention a few weeks ago I purchased two small L190s from Tropica in Knaresborough (and if you’ve never been there your missing out!), when I purchased them, they were in individual tanks, the reason I was attracted to them, is they have different colourations to the existing L190 I have and have usually seen, these are a grey/blue slate colour. They were going to go into different quarantine tanks, but…due to fish moves, they went into the same quarantine tank. For the first 24 hours, they were fine, but then they started fighting like cats and dogs, and almost tore each other apart, so they were isolated, and have been doing very well since, on algae wafers and Sera Crisps, and Bogwood.

PFK has an article this month on L190s, and it’s featured on the front cover, so if you don’t know what one looks like, it’s on the December 2005 Issue, (scroll down the page – it’s on the right!)

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