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Sheaf Valley Aquarist Society Fish Auction Report

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

I went to the Sheaf Valley Aquarist Society fish auction today, this is the second time I’ve been to a Sheaf Valley Aquarist Society fish auction. I received a very warm welcome from members of the society, and despite leaving late from York, and driving like a Forumla 1 driver, got to the auction before it started. Auction started shortly after 1pm, and was well catered for with refreshments, drinks and food, fanastic because I’d not eaten all day (I don’t do breakfast!), so it was nice to get a can of pop during a break, when I wasn’t bidding!

Just a list of the few fish that came up for auction, Corydoras (approx 10 different species), Platies, Mollies, Guppies, Angelfish, L-number catfish, Ancistrus (approx 5 different species), Cichlids, Danios, Gouramis and Killifish. I think there was something for most fishkeepers from beginners to experts, and also for sale F1 (local breed) King Tiger Plecos L66s, it wouldn’t be fair to list prices, just make sure you go to the next auction.Lots of dry goods, filters, food, electrical items, tanks. In my opinion, most tank breed local fish are always better quality than whats available in the local tropical fish shops. (if available).

The next auction, and it’s the last auction of the year is on Monday Evening 12th October at The Pheasant Inn, 822 Barnsley Road, Sheffield, S5 0QG. Auction starts at 20:00hrs.

This is the list of items I won today at auction

  • 6 x Pearl Danios (Danio albolineatus)
  • 2 x “Black Nose Sturisoma” (Sturisoma nigrirostrum)
  • 2 x L147 “Head Spot Pleco” (Peckoltia sp. (L147))
  • 2 x Pairs of “Line Breed Half Snakeskin Round Tail Moscow Guppies” (Poecilia reticulata)
  • 6 x Corydoras Kronei (Corydoras barbatus (Sao Paulo))
two boxes of fish!

two boxes of fish!

Again congratulations to members of the society for a execellent auction.

I was also lucky enough to win a few times in the Sheaf Valley Aquarist Society raffle today, and for first prize I selected a new Aqua One external filter and later some ceramic hoop filter media. So it’s always worth purchasing a strip to help out the society.

Raffle Prizes

Raffle Prizes

I also passed Simply Aquatics, 84 – 86 The Common, Ecclesfield, Sheffield, S35 9WN on the return journey, and this is one excellent shop. Excellent  slection of tropical, coldwater and marines, and very well maintained, and clean setup. Five stars and highly recommended, it will be on my places to visit next time I’m in the area. It’s only been open 6 months, and is definately worth a visit, whether begineer or expert. I also met David Marshall, Secretary of Ryedale Aquarist Soceity purchasing fish in Simply Aquatics as well (I didn’t know, I’d been sat next to him in the auction for three hours!). Just Google for David Marshall, Ryedale (click link and you’ll see who I’m referring to). He beat me to purchasing a very nice catfish, I must contact him, and ask him for the latin name, I also bought, what David Bought.

Purchased from Simply Aquatics,

  • 6 x Purple Zebra Danios (Danio rerio)
  • 5 x Spotted Silver Dollars (Metynnis lippincottianus)

The Zebra Danios were described as purple, but they look red/pink to me, the shop is a member of OATA, and assured me they were not dyed, and were true purple/red/pink direct from Malayasia. David and I were interested how these young danios develop and if they breed true. If DEFRA come knocking at our doors, we will know, thay they are GM fish! The Silver Dollars are to grow on for my large oddball tank.



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New Aquarium

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Three months ago, I reported all change in the fish house and removed 9 unsed fish tanks from the fish house and tried to replace them with a spare 48x18x12 – plans didn’t work well!, well it’s taken me three months to get the faulty aquarium replaced, and I’ve spent many hours this weekend installing the tank on it’s shelf. I’d previously removed the 2 x 24x12x15 and 18x18x18 cube from this shelf. So I just needed to slot this tank in place and wire-up heaters and filters.

Algarde Digi-Therm external stat

Algarde Digi-Therm external stat

I’ve used an Algarde Digi-Therm digital external thermostat connected to two heaters (200 and 300 watt) – this is rather an old combination of using external thermostat connected to internal heaters, the norm these days is to use, combined heater thermostats, but I still prefer this older, safer combination. I’ve had many combined heater stats jam on and heat up and kill the fish in the tank.

Hagen Bio-Life 55 internal filter with trickle filter

Hagen Bio-Life 55 internal filter with trickle filter

Filtration is provided by a Hagen Bio-Life 55, internal Wet ‘n’  Dry internal filter, and excellent internal filter – I’ve had to start this filter from new, so it’s not mature yet, and will take several weeks to mature and

homebrew tank hangers for biolife 55

homebrew tank hangers for biolife 55

I had to make some homebrew clips to secure the fish tank to the side of the tank, as this tank is 18″ deep, I’ve lost the suckers or bracket to stick to tank wall , I was going to use a Dennerle C400 internal filter, but I prefer this filter because it has an internal trickle filter (they were all the rage, once upon a time). I’ve also installed an air-driven

Algarde Bio-foam 200 sponge filter

Algarde Bio-foam 200 sponge filter

Algarde Bio-Foam 200 internal foam filter using four foams, this was easy to mature, because I just stole a foam from other tanks in the fish house which are already mature, as most tanks in the fish house have air-driven Algarde Bio-Foam 200 internal foam filter using two foams – so I ust removed one foam and replaced with a new, and made sure the mature foam was pre-washed in old aquarium water. I’m hoping that this speeds up maturation of the aquarium. I’ve also installed a sand filter,

Lifegard FB300 Fluidized Sand Filter (fully Fluidized!)

Lifegard FB300 Fluidized Sand Filter (fully Fluidized!)

a Lifegard FB300 driven by a Maxijet PH600 powerhead. I don’t think you can ever “over-filter” a tank. I had a small issue with this filter, because after filling it with media (sand), the powerhead wouldn’t drive it correctly, even after testing it correcly before filling, so I had to empty the sand into a bucket, re-connect the filter, run the powerhead, and re-fill the filter with a 5ml spoon of sand at a time to prevent clogging, it took a while re-filling the filter with sand, a few spoonfuls!

top of tank showing water movement

top of tank showing water movement

Tank water looks a bit cloudy at present, but give it a week, and I’m sure this will clear, as the bacteria start to work their magic.

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All change!

Monday, May 25th, 2009
Two 48 inch replacement tanks for the fish house
Two 48 inch replacement tanks for the fish house

I’ve not blogged anything about the fish house in a while, because nothing really exciting has happend, and I didn’t think you be interested in feeding the fish, or bi-weekly partial water changes. To conserve electricity, I shut down six small fish tanks in December 2008 (18inch x 10inch x 10inch, and smaller), they were used as quarantine, and for smaller fish, but more recently I’d increased the fish house, by six tanks, so these weren’t really used a great deal. These four fish tanks, were the first four that started the fish house in 2004. Time for a change.

I’ve had three four foot fish tanks in storage since the fish house move of July 2006. One four foot tank would replace these four nicely!

I’ve cleaned, soak tested it for leaks, and painted the sides white with some spare matt emulsion. It’s not the tidest of fish tanks, but it holds water, ideal for the fish house.

Before - fish tanks that will be replaced
Before – fish tanks that will be replaced

These are the four dirty fish tanks in the fish hosue that will be replaced by one single 48x15x12 fish tank. I just noticed that one of the tanks, has a successfuly breeding colony of snails. Most of the time, I’m trying to get rid of these with Clown andCandy loaches, and have successfully removed all snails from the fish house. I’ll keep these in another small tank, so I can rear them for live food for the loaches. (I’ll regret it later, I’m sure).

After - removed!
After – removed! Fish tanks removed.

wires, and new polysterene required, and a bit of tidy up required before I site the replacement fish tank. That’s another day.

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Petrol Leak!

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Lindsey noticed a strong smell of petrol today near the generator shed (generator is used to power the fish house, when there’s a power outage) which I ignored!, I’ve just investigated because it is rather strong and it would appear a pipe has split and petrol has been leaking from the petrol tank! I’ve left the generator shed door open for the fumes to escape overnight, and I moved the fire-extinguisher from the kitchen into the porch!

Top of the to-do list tomorrow morning in day light me thinks!

Note to self: Pay attention to what Lindsey tells me! It’s often correct!!

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Pangasius catfish for sale in Tescos!

Friday, April 10th, 2009
Juvenile Pangasius Sanitwongsei

Juvenile Pangasius Sanitwongsei

I learnt today, that Tescos, Sainsbury’s and ADSA in the United Kingdom are selling a cheap white fish at the fishmongers counter which are usually available live from the local tropical fish shop. Very small or very large unwanted specimens of the Pangasius catfish are usually seen in local tropical fish shops.

Pangasius Catfish

Pangasius Catfish

This has causes some controversy in the aquatics industry, as whether these fish should be sold in the United Kingdom, because most fishkeepers, do not have the facilities to keep these catifsh, that grow very large in captivity. (3 feet)

It’s sold as Pangasius, Vietnamese River Cobbler, White Catfish, Gray Sole, I know it as the Pangasius catfish (which there are a few species) or Paroon/Iridescent shark

I’ve seen very large wild specimens in China, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnamin in the rivers. I must dig out some video footage, I recorded in Bangkok, in the canals, of these very large fish.

Interesting article here

A nine foot one was described here in PFK in 2005.

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These times are changing…

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

These times are changing it’s been five years, I’ve been blogging, and the software I’ve been using has run it’s course and it’s time to upgrade to something more current. Over the next coming months, I will try and merge aquablog and our house blogs into one blog, with different categories, rather than two seperate blogs which is how they exist at present. This will allow me to blog in more specific categories, fish house, garden DIY, car, computers, internet etc, you get the general idea. So you can select a category (section) to read, rather than ready all the rubbish I blog about.  The FishHouse Blog! and Our House blogs haven’t moved and are still there. Just click the links to access them. Eventually they will be merged into categorys (sections) here.

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New Long Term Breeding Project

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Apologies for not posting for a while, life just gets in the way. But with the arrival of some new fish, starts a New Long Term Breeding Project.

I saw mature large “breeding pairs” of these fish three years ago at a local auction in West Yorkshire, they were advertised as a breeding pair, definately males and females but I suspect the owner, had no success in breeding them and hence they were up for auction. To this very day, I regret not keeping my hand up for longer, they sold for little money! and it’s taken me that long to obtain some young fish so I can grow on, and hopefully ontain some breeding pairs.

Let me introduce you to the Electric Blue Jack Dempseys

Alot has been documented and written about these fish, click the link above to search for it.

Two sites Practical Fiskeeping Article Blue Jack Dempsey identity revealed and have some excellent information, rather than me retype it here.

But first things first, they need to grow……and then I can select males and femles.

Electric Blue Jack Dempseys Pic 1
Electric Blue Jack Dempseys

Electric Blue Jack Dempseys Pic 2
Electric Blue Jack Dempseys

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Andy’s Day Off!

Monday, June 30th, 2008

YEDL our electrical supplier were fiddling with the electrical supply again today! So I stayed at home to “baby-sit” the fish house, whilst it was on generator power from 8am this morning, supply was back on at 2.30pm.

So I decided to cut our massive hedge, we have a number of hedges that surround the front garden, there are two hedges that border the driveway, a typical hedge-row of blackthorn, hawthorn, bramble etc and a privet hedge, if only I knew someone with stick-insects they would have food for a year! Total length of hedge which needs cutting is approx 300ft, and the driveway has been rapidly disappearing, with the warm/wet weather. Another typical hedge-row of blackthorn, hawthorn, bramble etc surrounds the front garden, this has grown over 10ft in height!

My brother an RHS Qualified Garden Landscaper at Groundscaper recommended I purchase a Stihl HS45 Petrol Edger (West Country slang for Hedge Trimmer!).

Although expensive, it cuts through my hedges like a knife through butter. You have to be a bit careful with the privet hedge, because before you know, you’ve cut two foot off without noticing! Although it weighs approx 4.9kg with fuel, it’s Anti-vibration system and ergonomics make it easier to cut with for long periods of time.

Before Hedge was Cut Pic 1
A view down the drive from house, before privet-hedge was cut

Before Hedge was Cut Pic 2
A view up the drive towards house, before privet-hedge was cut. The hedgerow on the rights has already been cut.

Before Hedge was Cut Pic 3
A view up the drive towards house, before privet-hedge was cut.

Before Hedge was Cut Pic 4
Close-up of privet-hedge before it was cut

After Hedge was Cut Pic 1
Privet-hedge after the hedge was cut taken from the house looking down the drive. Another tip from my brother an RHS Qualified Garden Landscaper at Groundscaper, before cutting, lay a tarpuline under the hedge to collect, hedge trimmings, move along the hedge as you cut, quick and easy to clear-up afterwards!

After Hedge was Cut Pic 2
Privet-hedge after the hedge was cut taken from the house lookign down the drive. In the distance is the green reycycle bin to take to the tip, with hedge cuttings. It’s not difficult cutting hedges, it’s all the clippings you need to tidy up afterwards.

After Hedge was Cut Pic 3
Privet-hedge after the hedge was cut taken from the house looking down the drive.

After Hedge was Cut Pic 4
Privet-hedge after the hedge was cut taken towards the house looking down the drive.

After Hedge was Cut Pic 5
Close-up of the privet-hedge after cutting.

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What’s Growing!!!

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Earlier in the year I planted tomatoe seeds, first early potatoes, garlic was planted last year in September. Here are some pictures of the results.

I’m trying an experiment, of growing six varities of tomatoes, six in the green house in growbags using growpots, six outside using growbags and growpots, and six plants planted in 10L pots. This year I’m using double-height Miracle-Gro Organic growbags, instead of purchasing two normal size/width growbags.

Tomatoes Outside in 10L pots
tomatoes plants in 10l pots, outside in the garden.

Tomatoes Outside in growbags and growpots
six tomatoes plants outside using growbags and growpots

Tomatoes Inside in growbags and growpots
six tomatoes plants inside the greenhouse using growbags and growpots

Tomatoes Inside  in 10L pots
tomatoes plants in 10l pots, inside the greenhouse.

Potatoes and Blue Berry bushes
first early potatoes planted in Humax organic potatoe bags by Medwyn Williams, Medwyn was the father of one of the boys that went to my school, and lived a couple of minutes from where I lived! I’ve recently noticed there is an Organic Humax range for potaotes, strawberrys, chillis, tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes etc Something to try next year. In the background you can see my six blueberry bushes.

Blueberrys ripening on the bush
Blueberrys ripening…not long now until eating, when they turn blue/purple! Must keep the water on!

Garlic - almost ready for pulling
Almost time to pull the garlic for eating, umm wet garlic!

Blue Bizzy Lizzy Plants and Begonias
Not for eating, but included for interest, the first Busy Lizzie ‘Blue Sky’ plants [RARE] and a few Begonia.

P.S. The chilli seeds/plants were a disaster! I decided to use my fish house and heated propagators to germinate them, the problem was, they spouted in record time, but overheated in the propagators and all died! So next year I need to find a cooler place or not use the heated propagators, or turn off, after they’ve germinated!

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Touch Wood!

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Fish from the auction are settling in well. I’ve also started my Fish House spring clean, and have emptied some fish stuff from a tug, that was collected when I dismantled the display tanks, when I moved a few years ago! Doesn’t time fly!

The repaired tank is currently soak testing, I let the silcone cure for 48 hours before, half-filling with water, I completed filing the tank with water this evening. The tank holds 254 litres of water. Tomorrow evening, I’ll be emptying the tank, and adding sand as a substrate and rocks, and re-filling with water at the correct temperatures. I’ve already got a mature external Eheim Professional 2 Thermofilter filter this tank, that I’ve had for some months. The special fish will be added on Saturday!

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