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Bye Bye TiVo after 1 June 2011

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

I have four Series1 TiVos, one was purchased early 2000, the second one a few years later, followed by another two. Two are production (they are two important to alter, because they have a job to do!), and two are research and developement.

if you’ve never seen what a TiVo looks like, it’s a metal silver/gold box, these are pictures of my four, not very interesting, just boxes

Two Series1 TiVosq

Two Series1 TiVos

Another Two Series1 TiVos

Another Two Series1 TiVos

On the 4th Feb 2011, this was the first message we received from the TiVo Team.

From:    The TiVo Team
Date:    Fri 4th Feb 2011
Expire:    Fri 18th Feb 2011

If you are on the cable footprint, you can get Virgin Media’s top TV package and a brand new TiVo box at a very special price. Find out about more and be one of the first to get this offer at

It would seem that TiVo had struck a deal with Virgin Media to offer new TiVo boxes at very special prices to existing TiVo customers, that’s okay if you live in a cable footprint area, but of no value if you don’t live in a cable footprint area.

On Valentine’s Day we had another special message from TiVo HQ.

TiVo Service Ends - 1 June 2011

TiVo Service Ends - 1 June 2011

Subject:    Free Service Continues until 1 June 2011
From:    The TiVo Team
Date:    Mon 14th Feb 2011
Expire:    Mon 28th Feb 2011

On 1 June 2011, TiVo will be discontinuing the service for Series1 TiVo Recorders in the UK. Your current service will continue to be provided until that time at no charge. For further information, go to

So that’s it, TiVo US have dumped us, and from the 1st June 2011, these silver/gold boxes will become door steps after 11 years of use, and still the BEST ever PVR on the market.

The reason for this blog, so UK Series 1 TiVo users can continue to receive service after 1 June 2011, and continue using our beloved TiVos, a group of us from the TiVo Community have banded together to try and replace the service. We our gathering at

We will need resources, TiVo testers, and if you have a TiVo which you can loan or donate to the effort, it will be returned once the new service is up and running. Contact me or head over to the forums and register.

If you are also interested in receving details of the new service in the future, also contact me.

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The Zebrafish also known as the Zerba Danio

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

I’ve been getting enormous amounts of traffic to Andysworld! and Andys Aquatics searching for ‘Zebrafish’, I’ve also had many emails asking if I have some for sale! I suspect the rise in interest in this little fish has been since National News reported on TV

‘Scientists believe that the zebrafish’s astonishing ability to regenerate its cardiac muscle might lead to the discovery of new drugs and treatments that will one day allow the human heart to heal itself after being damaged during a heart attack.’

The British Heart Foundation, has also been running TV aderts in the UK ‘Mending Broken Hearts’

I’ve never heard of this fish in the Aquatics trade called the Zebrafish, but we refer to it as the Zebra Danio, (Danio rerio or Brachydanio rerio). Maybe you have heard of the Zebra Danio.

Zebrafish, Zebra Danio, Danio rerio, Brachydanio rerio

Zebrafish, Zebra Danio, Danio rerio, Brachydanio rerio

Yes, I keep and breed these fish, they are ideal tropical fish for begineers and very hardy. They are available in many different forms, pink, gold and purple, long finned strains also exist.

They are part of a large family of Danios, Leopard, Pearl, and Giant.

So now you know the real name of this  miraculous little zebra stripped fish!

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WOW! Man, look at the pretty colours!

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Our television has started to fail, the left and right side of the picture has turned into a quivering jelly. So as long as you concentrate on the centre of the picture, you’ll not get motion sickness. This television was purchased in 1989! I’ve decided not to purchase a replacement television until the end of 2012. (but I’ve just checked an they’ve brought if forward to August/September 2011 – Digital Switch Over that is!). But to try and snag one from Freecycle. This is proving difficult, but today, my request was accepted, and this is our new Television.

Freeycle TV - Rubbish!

Freeycle TV - Rubbish! - WOW! Man, look at the pretty colours!

So this is the TV, described as  “Large, probably 28inch remote control Toshiba TV. Good working order.” – So I’ve got two broken TV’s in the lounge now. Me thinks they just wanted a mug to take it to the tip!

So Lindsey & I have decided we not need a TV anymore, and we’ve turned off the lights, and listening to  Creedence Clearwater Revival!

Peace and Love Man!

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