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400ft 360 deg panoramic photograph above Meltonby

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

So today, built up enough confidence to fly at 400 feet, which is The Drone code Be Drone Safe proposed rules for safe flying of drones maximum “safe” altitude.

What I didn’t expect was the the iPhone application to crash, leaving my drone at 400 feet! It sounds worse than it did, because I was able to restart the application, re-connect to the drone, and issue a return to home.

I could have brought it home using the remote controller, which connects to the drone, the Phone and App connect to the remote controller, and in the event, it loses contact with the remote control will issue a return to home!

So panic over!

I managed to solve the issue with the App, by removing the video cache, and later this afternoon, re-visited 400 feet to take this photograph.

400ft 360 deg panorama photograph above Meltonby

Click to enlarge!

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