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GCOD – Green Circle of Death – Humax FoxSAT-HD STB PSU Repair

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

from an earlier post….

“But this has some good news, because I managed to salvage a 3300uF 16v Capacitor from this broken power supply to repair the power supply in my Humax FoxSAT-HD STB!”

It would appear that Humax have used rubbish cheap Foxcon capacitors in the STB, and after 24 months, it will stop working with the “GCOD – Green Circle of Death”, when if you turn on your STB, it will just sit there, with green leds rotating in a  circle, The fix is to replace

C23 – 680 uF  25 volts (this is the 12v line to the LNB)

C12 – 2200uF 10 volts

as a quick fix, I’ve just replaced C12, with a 3300uF 16v cap, and I now have a working STB, but I’ve got some Panasonic Caps, on order from Boot Ferrule Man.

It’s a very quick fix, if you can use a soldering iron and solder sucker!

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Monday, April 19th, 2010

I’ve been suffering a spate of Gremlin attacks…

  1. One of my TiVo’s stopped working.
  2. Alba Freeview Set Top Box wouldn’t turn on.
  3. Two hard disks failed in my production workstation.
  4. One hard disk failed in my NAS.
  5. Engine management on the car, is having an “off” day!

I’ve repaired the TiVo, it needed a new power supply, the Alba STB went in the bin, and I’ve ordered new hard disks for my workstation and NAS.

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