GCOD – Green Circle of Death – Humax FoxSAT-HD STB PSU Repair

from an earlier post….

“But this has some good news, because I managed to salvage a 3300uF 16v Capacitor from this broken power supply to repair the power supply in my Humax FoxSAT-HD STB!”

It would appear that Humax have used rubbish cheap Foxcon capacitors in the STB, and after 24 months, it will stop working with the “GCOD – Green Circle of Death”, when if you turn on your STB, it will just sit there, with green leds rotating in a  circle, The fix is to replace

C23 – 680 uF  25 volts (this is the 12v line to the LNB)

C12 – 2200uF 10 volts

as a quick fix, I’ve just replaced C12, with a 3300uF 16v cap, and I now have a working STB, but I’ve got some Panasonic Caps, on order from Boot Ferrule Man.

It’s a very quick fix, if you can use a soldering iron and solder sucker!

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