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Return to Mandelbrot sets using a Supercomputer! – the Nvidia DGX-1

Monday, December 16th, 2019

Put on that paisley shirt, play some Sgt Peppers, and lets explore Mandelbrot sets again….

Picture yourself in a goat on a river, With tanberine trees and marmalade skies

Five years have past since I last wrote about Mandelbrot sets, when I use two Nvidia Tesla K40s to generate the Mandelbrot set.

Both those GPUs had only 2,880 compute cores each, a total of 5,760, The Tesla V100 in the Nvidia DGX-1 has 5,120 cores per GPU, and there are 8 GPU, so a total of 40,960 cores.

Here is a video comparing 1 x CPU on the left and 8xGPUs on the right! The same Mandelbrot regions are explored in real time, left and right. The CPU is running at 5fps(150ms), and the GPUs at 50fps (3ms)

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The Roundabout, for Andy “The Return to the Mandelbrot sets!”

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

When I first started experimenting with computers in the early 80’s, I was fascinated with the Mandelbrot set, and spent many hours generating it on a BBC Micro, later I added a Second 6502 Processor, I then upgrade to a Master 128k with a Turbo Co-Processor, all in the aid of more compute power! (I search high and low for a Acornsoft GXR rom, to give me more colours, and finally got one from Plymouth Polytechnic Computer Science Department!).

BBC Micro Mandelbrot

BBC Micro Mandelbrot

This week, I find myself with the following configuration:-

  • (2) nVidia Tesla K40 (currently the most powerful and most expensive graphics processing unit (gpu), used for compute (no video output!).
  • 1 Terra Byte PCI-e Flash Card (SSD but plugs into the motherboard!).

This is a real time, video of calculating Mandelbrot set, using CUDA 5.5 on the 2 nVidia Tesla K40, a little faster than using a BBC Microcomputer!

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