The Roundabout, for Andy “The Return to the Mandelbrot sets!”

When I first started experimenting with computers in the early 80’s, I was fascinated with the Mandelbrot set, and spent many hours generating it on a BBC Micro, later I added a Second 6502 Processor, I then upgrade to a Master 128k with a Turbo Co-Processor, all in the aid of more compute power! (I search high and low for a Acornsoft GXR rom, to give me more colours, and finally got one from Plymouth Polytechnic Computer Science Department!).

BBC Micro Mandelbrot

BBC Micro Mandelbrot

This week, I find myself with the following configuration:-

  • (2) nVidia Tesla K40 (currently the most powerful and most expensive graphics processing unit (gpu), used for compute (no video output!).
  • 1 Terra Byte PCI-e Flash Card (SSD but plugs into the motherboard!).

This is a real time, video of calculating Mandelbrot set, using CUDA 5.5 on the 2 nVidia Tesla K40, a little faster than using a BBC Microcomputer!

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