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I’ve levelled up today @ExpertsExchange, now my Member Rank is a Savant

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

A belated birthday present, and today I became the 33rd Savant at Experts Exchange.

You become a Savant, when you hit 10,000,000 points. No T-Shirt, you only get a T-Shirt for Zones, so I’m a little way off from that prestigious Savant in VMware! Stay tuned!

So my Badge has changed from


to this:-


Some other Experts Exchange statistics, last year my end of year overall point score was 4,688,803, this year I’ve passed that already, and currently at 5,148,594

Not bad, since I started answering questions just under two years ago, in December 2010.

Greetings to @demazter (Glen) at #35, and @alanhardisty (Alan) at #37. Two exceptional UK based Experts!

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