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Fibre is coming, Fibre is coming…..

Friday, September 1st, 2017

Hopefully, by Christmas 2017, fibre will be available in “the shire”.



Information from has proved correct, and more work continues by BT Openreach contractors to now connect “the shire” to the local exchange.

Here are some photographs of the recent works, I’ve noticed that they have been smashing clay “pots” or pipes to get into the current telephone cables.

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Broadband Woes Revisited!

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Earlier in the month, I reported (here’s the blog) that my Broadband has an intermittent fault AGAIN. Back in 2010, I had similar if not the same issues, and it had to be escalted to BT, it looks like, it will have to be escalted to BT again! The problem is an unstable line, disconnects, occasional slow throughout, down to 0.4Mbps.

It’s been reported to Eclipse Internet, my ISP, who are not to blame, as they do not own the telegraph wire from my house to the exchange. British Telecommunications plc, “BT” own that!

Eclipse Internet, changed the Interleave on the line from ON to OFF, to try and stablise the line, but it did not make any difference, and the issues continues…….

stay tuned for the next installment of Broadband Woes Revisited Update Soon!

Draytek Vigor Connection Statistics Interleaved ON

Draytek Vigor Connection Statistics Interleaved ON

ADSL STATUS Interleaved

ADSL STATUS Interleaved ON

Draytek Vigor Connection Statistics Interleaved OFF

Draytek Vigor Connection Statistics Interleaved OFF

ADSL STATUS Interleaved


Notice the increase in sync speed (Down Speed), but unfortunately, it did not make any difference to throughput, or fix the issue.

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Damn Eclipse Broadband

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

My broadband has been all over the place again recently, back in March Eclipse my ISP, suggested they would move my broadband line onto a different line card/circuit in the exchange, the Technical Support Engineer’s never really gave away anything tecnical as to what they are actually doing. But today after another discussion it now becomes clear that before I was on a Tiscali LLU circuit, I suspect but I cannot confirm, this, I was moved to this in January 2009, when all the issues started (maybe), although now being moved to a BT circuit, the same issues occurs, extreme hot or cold, the Signal-to-noise ratio rises, and the sync speed drops, and hence throughput is very very slow. Today was the final straw, my broadband speed was as follows at 15:30 GMT. I was told, that because my sync speed had dropped the Profile on the line was slow, and I would have to wait 72 hours before it would speed-up!

Router is reporting this G.DMT SHOWTIME 448000 192000 14.5 49.0




and then later it gets worse…


I’ve not done anything, I’ve just returned from a Parish Council Meeting, and now the speed is backup to 2.2 – 2.4MB/s, this is the fastest it’s ever been, apart from that strange blip and changeover!



I put this here, so I can find it later, and refer Eclipse and BT to it! (it’s there test results!)

 For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 600-2500 Kbps.

For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 600-2500 Kbps.

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