Nicaragua Cichlid aka Cichlasoma nicaraguensis

I’ve kept these Cichlids twenty years ago, and I’ve been trying to find a pair since, these cichlids have spectacular colours, especially when breeding. I’ve not seen them in the shops, and in the late 80s, was lucky to have three females and one male – long since gone.

I was lucky to find, that a local cichlid breeder, was giving up a very young pair. I put them in a quarantine tank, with a pair of Geophagus proximus, I like to quarantine all new arrivals into the fish house, for four weeks before moving them into breeding tanks. I picked these up on the 9th September, and I noticed the Geos were being bashed to hell, only to notice in a plant pot, fry a few days off from free swimming.

The unusual thing about the Nicaragua Cichlid Cichlasoma nicaraguensis is that the eggs they lay, are not adhesive, and roll-around the floor. I assume so they can move them from nest to nest, unlike most cichlids, that use a surface to spawn on, and their eggs are adhesive.

Female NIC with fry 1
Female Cichlasoma nicaraguensis with fry.

Female NIC with fry 2
Female Cichlasoma nicaraguensis with fry.

Male NIC
Male Cichlasoma nicaraguensis with fry.

Male and Female NIC with fry
Male and Female Cichlasoma nicaraguensis with fry.

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