Ancistrus sp. on an algae holiday

I kept forgetting to upload these photographs after the Bristlenose catfish Ancistrus sp. had completed their little task.

Most of the catfish I keep and have mentioned before consume algae wholly or as part of their diet. I use various prepared manufactured foods that contain algae that I feed to my catfish, but I do prefer that they have a chance to eat the real mccoy. It’s quite a challenge to grow alage of the correct type and quantity to satisfy the vegetarian catfish.

I’ve found that using a Sunglow & PowerGlo tube in combination stimulates high algal growth on two shelves in my fish house. I harvest the algae produced and use it as a food source in other catfish tanks and on occasion my catfish have an algae holiday.


Before the introduction of two albino Bristlenose catfish Ancistrus sp. into an 18x18x18 cube, heavily covered in algae.


After 72 Hours. You can see one Bristlenose catfish Ancistrus sp. in the picture. There is still algae on the floor on the tank, that they not yet consumed.

I have also found with experimentation, that Bristlenose catfish Ancistrus sp., “Plecos” and other L numbers, become lazy, at eating natural alage in the aquarium, if they are reguarly feed on algae wafers!

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