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Happy British Summer Time!

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

It’s been months since my last posting, I cannot say I’ve been busy, just not finding the time to do stuff. But now full of vigor, now that the dark nights have come to an end.

I’ve just purchased an Arc Tank 20L made by the lighting guys from Arcadia, it’s a small 20L “Nano” tank, which I intend to plant-up and add a small number of fish. I’ve also decided to make some big changes in the next few months in the fish house, and start adding substrates and plants to some of the tanks in the fish house.

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Bad things come in threes!

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Earlier this evening I was going to post an entry about bad things coming in threes, when only two Fish House issues had occured since Sunday 2nd December, I was going to post, what’s the third, well it happened! So let me wind back to Sunday 2nd December

  1. Early evening there was an initial mains power cut of a few minutes (approx 5 mins), too short for me to find a torch, and start-up the generator to power the fish house, after the main outage, the power flickered on and off for a few minutes and then it went off for good. The only problem this time, street lights were on, and the neighbours house lights, so the problem was localised, I found the 32A ring main for the sockets downstairs had tripped, on switching back-on, the main earth breaker tripped! After running around the house, unplugging all sockets, the fault was isolated to the fish house, my concern that the “brownout” had caused some equipment failure!

    At the back of the fish house, I noticed a pool of water, and realised, I’d overfilled one of my tanks, which had back-syphoned into the sump, when the power was off for those few minutes, which had then shorted out a “chocolate block” (terminal block for the layman!) which connects the heater in the sump! This is the only electrical wire on the fish house floor, so if any water gets on the floor, electrics are not affected! You’ll be glad to know, this has now been fixed, no “chocolate block” anymore!

  2. Went todo some washing this evening and found water all over the floor again near my water treatment works at the rear of the fish house, started to move everything out, thinking a water pipe/valve/seal had failed, and noticed the water had blood it in! I then noticed that the freezer, I keep my fish food in, hadn’t been turned back on since Sunday 2nd December! The fozen bloodworm was defrosting, and the freezer had already defrosted all over the floor!
  3. On Monday 3rd December, I noticed two home bred albino Ancistrus (bristlenose catfish), almost in a trance, not moving, I thought they were dead, in my 6ftx2ftx2ft display tank. They weren’t in a very good state, it was strange because all the Angelfish, Corydoras, L number plecos, Clown Loaches were showing no signs of distress, I fished them out and dropped them in a tank full of algae. 24 hours later, they are fit as a fiddle again, and the algae on the tank has gone, so although I cannot see them, I know they are alive and well. (did spot them this eve!).

    Late this evening, I found another Ancistrus (bristlenose catfish) dead in my display tank, this raised the alarm, to check all the water paramaters, still surprised that no other fish are showing signs of distress. The ammonia in the water, was slightly elevated, slightly higher than I’d like, this could have been caused by the dead fish, or another factor, no time to waste, 50% water change with water at same temperature and chemistry, and I’ve added two large sheets of Polyfilter just as “belt’s and braces”, I’ll re-check ammonia/ph tomorrow evening!

So there we have it, Bad things come in threes! No need to worry about the third!

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Pier Aquatics, Wigan

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Pier Aquatics, Wigan

This has got to be the “Mecca” of all tropical fish shops in the North West, I was in the area (well within 10 miles) and had to pop in to checkout the collection of fish. If you are a Cichlid or Catfish fan like I am, you’ve just got to get your “bum” to Pier Aquatics in Wigan, and don’t forget your wallet!

Fantastic quality and collections of Cichlids and Catfish, a baby Tig for 250 pounds, and some fantastic Geophagus, lots of L numbers too many to mention, Stingrays If you’ve never been, why not try a holiday in Wigan for the weekend.

I love the place, and I’m sure I’ll be back for that baby Tig! Maybe an early birthday present, as it’s the big one!

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Sera Catfish Chips

Saturday, January 14th, 2006

Purchased two tubs of Sera Catfish Chips this morning, as the catfish seem to prefer these now to Hikari Algae wafers, and I was told that Sera use to produce fish food for Hikari in Germany, before production was shited to Japan!

Visited Tropica near Harrogate, and Petland in York, excellent L numbers on display, and Twig catfish, but resisted the temptation, today!

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What catfish is this?

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

I purchased two of these catfish over 2 years ago very cheaply from UK Marines Ltd, Batley. I purchased them to reduce the algae in the fish house, but they don’t seem to like too much algae, they were quite small and thin, when purchased, but have grown to about six inches, they are housed in a 6x2x2ft aquarium, and have now started to fight.


I’ve not been able to find these listed in the Datz or Aqualog L numbers books, so I’m curiours to know what they are called, and what L number they are, so If you know, please contact me.

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Ancistrus sp. on an algae holiday

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

I kept forgetting to upload these photographs after the Bristlenose catfish Ancistrus sp. had completed their little task.

Most of the catfish I keep and have mentioned before consume algae wholly or as part of their diet. I use various prepared manufactured foods that contain algae that I feed to my catfish, but I do prefer that they have a chance to eat the real mccoy. It’s quite a challenge to grow alage of the correct type and quantity to satisfy the vegetarian catfish.

I’ve found that using a Sunglow & PowerGlo tube in combination stimulates high algal growth on two shelves in my fish house. I harvest the algae produced and use it as a food source in other catfish tanks and on occasion my catfish have an algae holiday.


Before the introduction of two albino Bristlenose catfish Ancistrus sp. into an 18x18x18 cube, heavily covered in algae.


After 72 Hours. You can see one Bristlenose catfish Ancistrus sp. in the picture. There is still algae on the floor on the tank, that they not yet consumed.

I have also found with experimentation, that Bristlenose catfish Ancistrus sp., “Plecos” and other L numbers, become lazy, at eating natural alage in the aquarium, if they are reguarly feed on algae wafers!

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Brine Shrimp

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

I never bred Sturisoma Aureum before, so it’s time to prepare some Brine Shrimp for the fry, many years ago after a disaster where a batch of Brine Shrimp didn’t hatch, a friend recommended different grades of ZM Fry Foods to feed to my fry. Since that day, I’ve always used ZM Fry Foods. But some fry, don’t eat dry food because it doesn’t move. Not knowing how well Sturisoma Aureum fry will take to eating dry food, I best prepare my brine shrimp cultures. It’s easy to put a pair of fish together in a tank, and get them to spawn, but rearing the fry is the challenge.

Here’s the Brine Shrimp Hatcher I use

Brine Shrimp Hatcher

Many fishkeepers, use a traditional milk bottle, and air stone with cotton wool as a bung. I’ve had these years, and they install inside the fish tank, and are okay for small numbers of brine shrimp. I’ll try and move the Sturisoma Aureum fry onto dry food as soon as possible. I didn’t think New Technology Brine Shrimp Hatcher kits were still available, but I’ve just checked, and surprisingly they are!

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Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

….The Witches Cauldron Brew, the
bogwood is still soaking nicely.

I’ve seen the
this evening, it’s still in the tank and feeding. I visited
Petland in my lunchtime today in York, they have an excellent collection of Ls
in stock, I almost parted with an

but needed to catch the bus! Maybe next time! I don’t think they
have a website, but here’s a
by the Ryedale Aquarist Society.

I’ve just noticed that I use the
terms Ls and Lxxx numbers a lot, and some readers may be confused with what I am
referring to. The group of catfish I keep are in the scientific name
Loricariidae, this is pronouced
Lori KARI Iday or more commonly referred to Suckermouth Armoured Catfishes (yes
they do stick to the glass!), they have rows of armour plating covering body,
underslung suckermouth. They all come from South America. Originally when a
suckermouth armoured catfish was discovered, it was given a scientific name (latin),
and a common name, as more were discovered in recent years it became impossible
to readily identify them, and give them common names, so the L numbering system
was invented to uniquely identify each catfish, and hence the L series was born,
there is also an LDA series, the same has also been done for Corydoras
catfishes, Cichlids and Rays.

Endlers’ are doing well, and have another four fry.

Purple Spotted Gudgeon in the fish house are massive compared to the fish in the
display tank. Sexual difference possibly.

Many projects still to complete, fish house needs a tidy for the forthcoming
cold weather, and I’ve got a new temperature project finished, but need to
relocate the computer system in the fish house.

Again, I’m pulling the late shift all week, at the office, so not much time to
organise the fish house.

Had an excellent response from

Pond Supplies UK
, and a replacement end-cap for my Hailea air compressor
has been posted. That’s Excellent Customer Service, I’m still awaiting to hear
from Java-Plants (I think all
the Vallis is now dead!).

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As Rare as Rocking Horse Pooh!

Friday, September 23rd, 2005


I’ve finally managed to obtain some
Hikari Algae Wafers
from a secret source, Hikari
products are like rocking horse pooh at present in the United Kingdom as
previously stated earlier on this
Gibbiceps, Ancistrus and L numbers will be happy. I have purchased two 1kg bags,
hopefully they will last for the foreseeable future until
are allowed back in the United
Kingdom, this is good news, as stocks of my

Tetra Plecomin
are almost depleted. My fish prefer

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To the Memory of Frank!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

It is with deep regret that I have to report the death of Frank "The Killer"
Double Black Angelfish. I found Frank dead this evening in his aquarium that he
has shared with two unknown L number catfish for the last year. Water quality
and temperature were checked and all are within acceptable parameters.

I’ve mentioned Frank already in this blog, just over a week and a half ago,
when one of his offspring, a young female died of unknown causes. Frank was a
fantastic male angelfish, that sired many offspring, one of few males, that
would not eat the eggs or fry, but in the last spawning over 12 months ago, he
decided to kill the female angelfish for reasons unknown, and I could never pair
him up again, after trying many times. I could not risk any more female
angelfish, so decided to keep Frank in solitary confinement in his own aquarium
with two L number catfish as a pet. Most breeders would probably have sold him
on or got rid, but Frank became a real character, and was always happy to see me
when I visited the fish house. I became quite attached to Frank and I’m deeply
sadden by his passing, which is unusual when you have a vast collection of

Here is a picture of Frank, taken shortly after fighting with his female
partner. Not in the best condition at time of photograph.

Bye Frank.

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