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Platinum Angelfish Second Spawning

While I was in the this evening, fussing over the Sturisoma Aureum taking photographs, I noticed the Platinum Angelfish madly chasing the , which I have since removed, remember what happened last time! I quickly grabbed my camera (I’ve changed from the Sony Mavica 2 Megapixel to my Leica Digilux camera, yes I still cannot take pictures in focus, so don’t let the man in the shop tell you that a more expensive camera is better, it’s the person behind the lens!)

here are some pictures:-

Platinum Angelfish Spawn
Platinum Angelfish Spawning, Female is at the top of the sponge filter uplift.

Platinum Male Angelfish Pic 1
Male Platinum Angelfish getting very agreesive with me, female in the background.

Platinum Male Angelfish Pic 2
Male Platinum Angelfish, sparing at the glass!

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