Brine Shrimp

I never bred Sturisoma Aureum before, so it’s time to prepare some Brine Shrimp for the fry, many years ago after a disaster where a batch of Brine Shrimp didn’t hatch, a friend recommended different grades of ZM Fry Foods to feed to my fry. Since that day, I’ve always used ZM Fry Foods. But some fry, don’t eat dry food because it doesn’t move. Not knowing how well Sturisoma Aureum fry will take to eating dry food, I best prepare my brine shrimp cultures. It’s easy to put a pair of fish together in a tank, and get them to spawn, but rearing the fry is the challenge.

Here’s the Brine Shrimp Hatcher I use

Brine Shrimp Hatcher

Many fishkeepers, use a traditional milk bottle, and air stone with cotton wool as a bung. I’ve had these years, and they install inside the fish tank, and are okay for small numbers of brine shrimp. I’ll try and move the Sturisoma Aureum fry onto dry food as soon as possible. I didn’t think New Technology Brine Shrimp Hatcher kits were still available, but I’ve just checked, and surprisingly they are!

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