My Fiskeeping History

This is a photograph of my First Aquarium recently rescued from my parents house, I don’t believe it was purchased for me, I think a friend of my fathers gave it to me, but my father insisted until I read about the subject of keeping tropical fish, I was not allowed to keep them, I had always kept Goldfish as a child, but was always fascinated by the Jacques-Yves Cousteau diving programs on the television in the 70s.

First Aquarium

I think it could be a collectors item today, as it’s an angle-iron type frame but with chrome finish, the glass is sealed with putty, later silicon sealer has been added. Capacity of the tank is approx 25l, I originally breed Guppies, Platies, Swordtails, Bettas until it was the home of a small piebald catfish – A Walking Catish, Clarias sp. The keen spotters will notice a Practical Fishkeeping Magazine freebie LCD thermoeter, given away free with the magazine in the 80s!

I don’t have the heart to part with it, because this is where it all started!

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