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WOW! Man, look at the pretty colours!

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Our television has started to fail, the left and right side of the picture has turned into a quivering jelly. So as long as you concentrate on the centre of the picture, you’ll not get motion sickness. This television was purchased in 1989! I’ve decided not to purchase a replacement television until the end of 2012. (but I’ve just checked an they’ve brought if forward to August/September 2011 – Digital Switch Over that is!). But to try and snag one from Freecycle. This is proving difficult, but today, my request was accepted, and this is our new Television.

Freeycle TV - Rubbish!

Freeycle TV - Rubbish! - WOW! Man, look at the pretty colours!

So this is the TV, described as  “Large, probably 28inch remote control Toshiba TV. Good working order.” – So I’ve got two broken TV’s in the lounge now. Me thinks they just wanted a mug to take it to the tip!

So Lindsey & I have decided we not need a TV anymore, and we’ve turned off the lights, and listening to  Creedence Clearwater Revival!

Peace and Love Man!

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NOW is the time

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

If there’s one video clip you got to watch this one…

Years to reach 50 million users:-

  1. RADIO – 38 Years
  4. IPOD – 3 YEARS
  5. FACEBOOK added 100 million users in less than 9 months….

watch the video clip for more frightening or exciting statistics…..!

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Red Dwarf Back on UK Television 10th April 9pm

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
Red Dwarf Back to Earth

Red Dwarf Back to Earth

Back To Earth – Part One
Friday, April 10th, 9pm, Freeview Channel Dave
Nine years later the Red Dwarf crew are older but still none the wiser. Lister’s busy day of annoying Rimmer is interrupted by the discovery of a dimension-hopping leviathan in the ship’s mile-deep water tank.

Back To Earth – Part Two
Saturday, April 11th, 9pm, Freeview Channel Dave
Rimmer’s replacement, Katerina (Sophie Winkleman), is determined to guide Lister back to his home planet. But Earth in 2009 is not everything the boys had expected, and Rimmer has no intention of being replaced.

Back To Earth – Part Three
Sunday, April 12th, 9pm, Freeview Channel Dave
Knowing they are destined to die, the Dwarfers head to a mysterious address in London to plead for more life.

Now that’s what I call a Good Friday!

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My Fiskeeping History

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

This is a photograph of my First Aquarium recently rescued from my parents house, I don’t believe it was purchased for me, I think a friend of my fathers gave it to me, but my father insisted until I read about the subject of keeping tropical fish, I was not allowed to keep them, I had always kept Goldfish as a child, but was always fascinated by the Jacques-Yves Cousteau diving programs on the television in the 70s.

First Aquarium

I think it could be a collectors item today, as it’s an angle-iron type frame but with chrome finish, the glass is sealed with putty, later silicon sealer has been added. Capacity of the tank is approx 25l, I originally breed Guppies, Platies, Swordtails, Bettas until it was the home of a small piebald catfish – A Walking Catish, Clarias sp. The keen spotters will notice a Practical Fishkeeping Magazine freebie LCD thermoeter, given away free with the magazine in the 80s!

I don’t have the heart to part with it, because this is where it all started!

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