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Eheim 2030 & 2034
And then there were two. These are two slightly different filters. The Eheim filter on the left is an Eheim 2034, and the filter on the right is an Eheim 2030 External Canister Filter. Both have filter volume capacities of 18l, both rated at approximately 60 watts, same as a standard light bulb. The main difference are the external oil-cooled pumps, the 2034 uses the 1034 pump, rated at 2160l/h, the 2030 is rated at 1200l/h. Suitable for fish tanks up to 1500l and 1000l respectively.

These oil-cooled external pumps which can be used in extremely humid spaces and outdoors are superior to there air-cooled cousins. Unfortunately, Eheim no longer manufacture these units, and haven’t done so for a long time.

After soak testing the 2030, I’ve noticed a small leak again, I may decide to purchase a replacement Threaded inlet connector for 2250/2260 (Part No. 7276900), part from the later 2250/2260 are compatible.

Concerned with all this electricity I’m burning and escalting electricity costs, I’ve just purchased some digital units, that will calculate my electricity running costs of the fish house, and individual items. I’ll review it here when they arrive shortly.

It could be cost effective to install a central filtration system with all this filter power!

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