Replacement plants

Unfortunately, my local East Riding supplier of Frozen Ruto Bloodworm has ceased trading, so I’m looking for another supplier. If you know of one, please contact me at

Air pressure appears to have dropped on the ring main tonight, need to check airstones and connections for air leaks.

Fish House Minimum Air Temperature is a constant 20 degrees C.

I’ve replaced the rubber washers on the Eheim 2030 with plastic half-inch washers, used PTFE tape on all threads, and tightened with a new 30mm socket torque wrench. I’ve filled it up over-night, I’ll check for water leaks tomorrow.

I think I need to feed my Ancistrus, that share a tank with a Purple spotted gudgeon Hikari Algae wafers, rather than the Sera brand Catfish chips, the Gudgeon eat whole wafers, can fish choke on fish food? The Purple spotted Gudgeon in the fish house, have grown very fast compared to the fish in my display tank in the house.

Good News: have agreed to replace my Vallis Torta.

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