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I want a refund!

I purchased a box of 250 airstones many years ago which I’m still using, and
I found a duff one, I never found an airstone to be duff before in all my 
years of , what is there to go wrong, airstones are not that
complicated are they? I thought my pump on my display tank had ceased 

 I found some filter media on my travels, approx 150l of various types,
that I’ve decided to soak and clean in the before re-using in an Eheim
2260 external canister filter which is expensive to fill, because it has a large
filter chamber.

 Unfortunately, the poorly Purple Spotted Gudgeon has died. It’s always sad
to loose any , no matter how small or large, when you’ve   tried
very hard, and done all you can to try and save it.

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