Air Ring Main is installed

I’ve finally purchased the parts and installed the new Air ring main. Inspired by fellow Discus breeder mad4discus see website here.

I purchased three 2m lengths of 22mm overflow pipe, two 90 degree elbows, and one endstops. Not wanting to use any marley solvent in the fish house, I opted for the Speedfit system, this is manufactured by John Guest (who also make the RO fittings) quick and easy to install, max pressure is about 4 bar. The Speedfit system is more expensive than standard solvent based pipework, but this is easier to install in the fish house, and uses no solvent, it can also be easily disassembled and reused. I’ve cut a length of Eheim 19/27mm external filter tubing (I’ve got plenty in stock! don’t ask!), jubilee clipped this onto the 22mm overflow pipe, the other end will be jubilee clipped onto my Airpump. This will be relocated out of the fish house, in the non-insulated part of the garage, to pump in cooler air. I already had a suitable hole in the jablite wall to allow the pipework to be connected.

Work to complete, drill small pilot holes, install algarde elbows, lengths of air-line to tanks, connect airpump.

The final migration to the new air main, will be completed over the next weekend. I’ve set a GoLive date of 9/10 Sept 2005. This is so I can monitor any potential issues over the weekend, it’s very important to have air in your tanks!

Thanks Thanks to mad4discus for the inspiration.

Note to self Must purchase a backup blower!

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