Additions to the Fish House

I’ve collected some Adult Angel fish, Syndontis Angelicus, An Orange Gourami and a handful of Kribensis from a local breeder in Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, they have decided to concentrate on Discus. All the fish are sexually mature and will help the gene pool here at Angelfish house. These fish have all gone into quarantine for four weeks, until, they are moved to other tanks. All quarantine tanks are now full in the fish house, so no more fish purchases for a month, and I wanted to purchase a trio of Ancistrus. I’ll have to find some room, anybody got any space in the cupboard. Here are the fish as promised:-

Black Male Angelfish

Female Koi Veiltail Angelfish

Koi Angelfish – sex unknown

Male Half Black Angelfish

Male Koi Angelfish

Male Koi Veiltail Angelfish

Male Silver Angelfish

Syndontis Angelicus – not an angel fish, but a cracking catfish!

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