TiVo UK Service Ends or Does it?

I blogged here in February, that TiVo had announced the termination of UK service. Since the 1st June 2011, we’ve been limping along waiting for service to end. Today everyone’s TiVo at next “dial-home” will receive the following message, and any guide data will no longer be available.

TiVo Service Ends - 24 June 2011

TiVo Service Ends - 24 June 2011

Well Mr TiVo if you are reading this you can feck off. Mr Virgin has told you some porkies about the coverage of fecking Virgin TV in the UK.

You cannot take our TiVos back, and I’ll switch to AltEpg!

Yes, that’s right folks TiVo UK is back using a FREE, Alternative EPG Project!


On June 1st 2011, TiVo Inc. (USA) ceased the original TiVo service in the UK.
This means the original Tivo series one units will no longer receive any electronic programme guide (EPG) data and thus render many of their functions like Season Passes, Wishlists etc. in-operable.

The Alternative EPG Project (AltEPG) was born to independently source and provide replacement guide data as a substitute service, thus enabling users with perfectly good TiVo hardware to continue using their DVR’s.

This replacement guide data service is sourced from internet based content, maintained and improved via crowd sourcing. This means the quality of the guide data is in our (the users) hands.”



So if you want to keep the Best PVR in the World, switch to AltEpg.

(and although it is free, I’m sure AltEpg wouldn’t mine a donation!)

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