A Decade with Demon Internet

I’ve been with Demon Internet on and off for many years, introduced many family and friends to their Internet service. I switched to Demon Internet from CIX, when a fellow CIX member Cliff Stanford, setup Demon in 1992. I remember using DOS and Windows Trumpet Winsock to access Demon Internet and the MOSAIC web browser. So I’ve always used Spuddy, CIX, and Demon to access the Internet for many years. (not forgetting access to the early Internet from Plymouth Polytechnic in the late 80s). Access to the internet was via standard dial-up modems, at a tenner a month, from local pops (point of presence) around the UK, before demon rolled out 0845 numbers. So when I started Cyrus Computer Consultants Ltd (circa 1999), I followed my own recommendation and my business joined Demon Internet in 1999, to provide web and email hosting, and ISDN circuits for Internet access. However in 2004, I decided to obtain my ADSL broadband from Eclipse Internet, a South West company based out of Exeter, but kept my web and email hosting with Demon Internet.

Just short of a decade with Demon Internet by a few days, I have now decided to cancel and leave Demon Internet forever, it’s just not cost effective anymore for us to carry on hosting with the organization. It’s with great sadness I do this, because it feels like losing a great friend! Over the last 10 years, we’ve had great service (okay, a few times no mail for 24-48 hours, but I almost forgot that outage, but it caused real embarrassment with me, when a large World Wide IT company  couldn’t email me!).

So the Fax to terminate went off the other day (yes, I found a modem lead!), on 4 June 2009, and I asked for the domain to be transferred to our control. (I also asked them to phone me, when this has been done, so we could make arrangements, so no  email or web access would be lost – this obviously got lost in translation at the call centre! – there was no call!), but I was surprised the change was done, as soon as the fax hit the floor!

So for the last 6 days, email has been arriving from two different sources, whilst the Domain Name System synchronies across the Internet. I think DNS updates are now complete, because I’m not getting any mail from Demon at present.

So Farewell, Old friend Demon Internet…

Thanks for 10 years of service…

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