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Tropheus Moorii Ikola & Synodontis Petricola

These are currently two of my favourite , Tropheus Moorii Ikola cichlids and Synodontis Petricola . I have five wild sub adults Tropheus Moorii Ikola and six Wild Synodontis Petricola. I’m very tempted to convert to Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids, the water here in Yorkshire is suited to these fish. Watch this space. There are many different colour variations of Tropheus Moorii, and these little fish, are very aggressive. I hope to breed them in the future.

Technology has moved on, and it’s easier for me to pop into the with a DV Camcorder, hook up to PC, capture the contents to a Media Video (WMV) file, and upload to YouTube for . So here’s the first one, you can expect some more in the future.

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