Banish those old suckers to the bin!

Old Suckers
Old suckers banished to the bin, now I’ve replaced them with MagClips

This shows a single MagClips holding an Eheim 2260 External inlet pipe which is 25mm in diameter. Considering the pressure and weight, and stress forces on the MagClips, you can see how powerful the magnets are in the MagClips.

exploded view of above, you can see the pipework – no camera tricks here! The MagClips is at the bottom of the inlet pipe near the inlet strainer.

Not an exciting photograph, but shows the MagClips in postion outside the tank. Here a single MagClips is used to hold an Eheim 2260 16mm spraybar in place. This has previosuly failed with suckers emptying 170l of water on the fish house floor!

I’ve replaced the standard Algarde suction clip, that always fail with a MagClips, to hold this BioFoam 200 Sponge Filter in place.

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