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The Secret Weapon – Bio Weapons of Mass Destruction

Well to slugs anyway!

This is my secret weapon, it must have surprised the postie on Friday morning, with the label “Living Material Urgent” stickered on the parcel!

Living Material
“Living Material Urgent”

The parcel contained:-

Nemaslug controls all common of small to medium sized slugs (up to 8cm – 2.5-3 inches).

Nemaslug uses the nematode Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita, which was discovered by scientists at the government research institute at Bristol, England.

I’ve also undertaken, an eight pronged attack to reduce slugs and snails:-

  • Sharp-grit around the .
  • Used coffee granuals around the plants.
  • Beer traps suck into the groud, near the plants.
  • Nemaslug – Bio Control.
  • Slug Gone – wooden pellet that forms a fibrous mulch around plants
  • Slug rings, yes your heard right, Slug Rings!
  • Advance Slug Killer pellets – approved for Organic use.
  • Collect the snails and slugs at midnight with a torch!

I hope my Hostas survive! because I’ve planted another two today, but these are blue ones, and slugs and snails don’t eat those!

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