Nannacara adoketa have started to spawn

My suspicions have been confirmed two out of the five Nannacara adoketa in the quarantine tank have paired-off and to my astonishment have started to spawn this evening. Male and female fish confirmed, as pedicted in earlier pictures posted here.

Female Adoketa Spawning in Flower pot
Female Nannacara adoketa guarding eggs

Female and Male Adoketa Spawning in Flower pot1
Male Nannacara adoketa in foreground, female inside plant pot.

Female and Male Adoketa Spawning in Flower pot3
Male Nannacara adoketa fertilising eggs.

This is a young pair, and this is their first spawning, I’m not too sure how viable this spawning will be, with three other N.adoketa in the tank, plus a Bristlenose catfish, and the waters wrong, ph 8! But I wanted to get these pictures on the blog, quickly.

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