Harvey’s Pet Shop, 10 Dyer Lane, Beverley

Whilst in Beverley today, I popped into a local pet shop that I noticed for the first time, were selling tropical fish, there is only a small selection of “bread and butter” tropical fish upstairs, approx eight tanks, neons, guppies, cloan loach, fighters etc, tanks are very clean, and the fish are all very healthy – the owners are very friendly, and if you ask, can order you most fish. I purchased some Bleeding Heart Tetras, to add to a larger collection I have, at a very competetive price of 1.45GBP each.

There was also a tank of possibly desribed as Yellow haplochromis, very nice fish, and if it was still in the tank, when I returned later that day, would have purchased one – but it had sold earlier that day! Damn!

(the shop is oppposite the Auto/Motor shop where I purchased me leather cream/cleaner for my new leather seats!).

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