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Bathroom Decoration (After)

The bathroom decoration is almost finished and I must just mentioned 99.9% completed by Lindsey.

Bathroom 9
Look, my 0.1%, I’ve installed a new light fitting!

Bathroom 10

Bathroom 11

Bathroom 12

Bathroom 13
The original idea by me, was to sand the floorboards and wax, despite Lindsey disagreeing. After test sanding the floorboards (not an easy job), I noticed that there were large gaps in between each board, which would require filling with woodbeads and resin, and I’ve been told, I would need to rewax the floor every 12 months. So we’ve decided to floor with wood effect vinyl, after we’ve had a visit from the Bathroom Doctor to checkout whether the wash basin can be saved, we will decide on fitting the vinyl flooring.

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