Leaking tank (again)

My partner went into the garage aka fish house this morning to do the washing (the garage also shares the washing machine and tumble dryer), and found water all over the floor. I thought I was getting a lie in bed today, so up early at 8.30am. It appears the seal had failed again on the base of the tank. The tanks contains approx 170l of water, no fish were harmed because although 8″ of water had been lost from the tank, once the pressure had dropped it was leaking slowly. I had two “cold spares” in the garden, so they were quickly cleaned and test-filled, whilst I caught all the fish, emptied the tank, keeping the water, and using the external filter to heat and filter the water whilst the fish were in 80l containers.

By 2pm the fish were back in a new tank, sited and filtered.

and then…..

this tank started to leak, the seals on the base of this tank had also failed. I tried to fix with silicon sealer, but it’s very difficult to fix a leaking tank when wet!

It’s still leaking, I’ve got a cat little tray under the tanks, whilst I asses my options. I have another “cold spare” but it’s just the time, I’ve got available to swap again.

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