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Whilst travelling up to North Allerton today to collect some new half leather seats for my Peugeot 205, I passed a shop called Aquatic Finatic situated on the A168 – Thirsk Road, just outside North Allerton. A little bit too far for a regular visit from York, but definately worth a stop, and browse on the way back, (engine and gearbox needed a cooldown, after raylle-ing around North Yorkshire Dales to the back of beyond to collect my seats!).

A very interesting tropical shop, friendly staff, interesting , and plenty of ‘Ls’ in stock. A nice discount of ten percent on many , if you purchase more than 5. I needed to stock up on Zebra Danios to keep tanks “cycling” so I purchase twenty, and some Hikari Algae Wafers, it’s good to see these back in stock at last.

P.S. The music on the Aquatic Finatic website sounds like, a man on a keyboard at the local social club!

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