This is what I won!

I missed out on these excellent fish last year, because I must have been sleeping when the auction lot came up, and before I knew it, they were ALL sold. I was ready and waiting this year for the breeder to return, he was in the auction room, so had he brought any fish to the auction.

I was determined these fish would be mine this year, one thing which is a little different at Castleford Fish Auctions, is if there are similiar lots, the highest bidder gets the option of all the bags! So if you want the fish you must bid, because the highest bidder has the option to snag all the bags, at the bidding price! If he doesn’t want all the bags, the option goes to the second and third bidders etc Otherwise the bidding starts again, I think this is a fair auction system.

I bid and won, my bid price was 5.50GBP for a pair, and considering you would pay that for one fish in a local tropical fish shop, an excellent price. I opted to take all three bags, but ended up with one for free, as the seller, decided that one fish, was not looking to good.

This is what I won:-

Bosemani Rainbow No.1
Bosemani Rainbow Melanotaenia boesemani

Bosemani Rainbow No.2
Bosemani Rainbow Melanotaenia boesemani

I’ve been waiting for these fish to appear at the auctions for over tweleve months!

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