Singleton Zebra Danios

I’ve moved four rouge “singleton” Zebra Danios into Aquarium No.9 to cycle the tank. These zebra danios have been fish that I’ve never been able to catch in tanks that they have “cycled”. I always keep spare Zebra Danios, they are very hardy fish, and excellent for “cycling” new aquariums.

Because I’ve used “mature” water and a mature filter from another established tank (I always keep spare mature filters on standby) it’s probably not necessary to “cycle” the tank, as it’s mature. But I always like to setup new aquariums in this way. I can also keep a watch on the water quality over the next two weeks. I always test the water, and do not subject the fish to any stress.

Here are the results before transferring any fish into Aquarium No.9

Ammonia and Nitrite Test
Zero to Low Nirite (blue) and Zero to Low Ammommnia results.

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