Aquarium No.9 Relocation

I’ve finally made an effort to re-locate Aquarium No.9, which has been used as a Daphina rearing tank since I setup the fish house, due to the space and 15 inch height of this aquarium I’ve not been able to add fish to it, because of the 16″ height of the metal stand. I don’t know why they make double stands, where the bottom space is two small, maybe it was designed for a 12″ height tank. I had hoped to purchase a 48x18x18 inch aquarium to fill the void under the 6x2x2ft tank, but it’s a waste of money having an empty tank and needs must. It gives me 48x12x12 of space for a few small fish tanks.

Fish Tank 9 Pic 1
This is the bottom shelf below my 6x2x2ft aquarium, currently being used as a shelf for tropical fish odds and ends.

It would have been easier to purchase a new tank, than move and existing tank, with little space, I was unable to use an Eheim pond pump to remove the water, so it was slowly syphoned. It’s taken me a few hours this evening, to remove the water, and move the tank. I need to clean tomorrow evening, and I’ve also found, so missing silicon inside the tank, so whilst it’s empty, I’ll quickly re-seal with silicon sealer.

Fish Tank 9 Pic 2
Aquarium No.9’s new home.

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