New Toy – not very exciting

Last week, I reported on my new toy for partial water changes, well here’s a picture.


Okay, it’s a syphon connected to a small length of housepipe with a Hozelock connector connected to it. This is a Reef One Syphon, the manufacturers of the biOrb and biUbe, others are available. But it makes my job a lot easier, than carrying buckets of water out of the fish house on a cold night. (and now I’ve got a knackered back!). I had thought of purchasing an automatic water changer The Python No-Spill Clean And Fill, but I don’t top up my aquariums direct from mains water, and the water pressure is low, and water is wasted when using the syphon, so for me, this seemed like a waste of cash. I was going to install some 40mm waste pipe and plumb it to the outside of the garage (drain), but a length of housepipe does the same job – cheaply.

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