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Blushing Angelfish

One of my Purple Spotted Gudgeon Mogurnda Adspersa, next to the legendary Screwcumber. These are made of high grade stainless steel and are idea for holding down cucumber, courgette or lettuce. I use them to feed all my vegetarian . Contact Gary Evans for details.

I’ll have to regularly check the gudgeon, as four seem to be fighting, in the quarantine tank.

This picture represents the fish mission to bred good quality Angelfish. If you look carefully at the photograph, you will notice that some of the angelfish have red markings on the gill plates, these reddish markings are called a “blush”, and shows the red gills, because there is no pigment in the gill plate. These angelfish are sometimes referred to as “red angels” in the trade and local shops, not to be confused with the real red angelfish!
These are fish that have been kept because of their unique qualities and traits.

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