A Day in The Life of a Fish House!

I read the news today oh, boy
About a lucky man who made the grade
And though the news was rather sad……


Do you have days, when you have a great day at work, and then it all comes crashing down around you head?

I arrived home this evening, checked the fish house, and found that the Bueno Aires Tetra was dead, also the fish house was very hot at 35 degrees C room temperature, I also noticed that the venturi aeration device on the hyflo internal filter had stopped working, couple with a tank medicated with with MelaFix, two quarantine tanks were depleted of oxygen, 20 Ancistrus sp. were diving to the top of the tank, I assume to take in oxygen. 50% partial water changes and brisk aeration using airstones, the fish seem to be okay. I’m not too sure if this accounted for the tetras death.

I currently have 120l of HMA filtered water aerated and heated at 28 degrees C for partial water changes, another 158l of HMA filtered water on standby at room temperature.It takes approx 75 minutes to fill the water vessels.

I’ve also found the missing Danios, I found one dry and crispy on the floor underneath the quarantine tank, and bones of the other stuck in the Juwel filter. One zebra danio has disappeared from the quarantine tank with the single Purple Spotted Gudgeon, I suspect the fish was hungry.

I’ve recently filled holes in the garage walls where the fish house lives with squeezable polyfilla, to maintain the warmth over the winter, the only problem is, during these warm September days the temperature increases, I’ve opened the internal fish door this evening to decrease the temperature during the day, until winter arrives.

Overall, a very eventful day.

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