Anatomy of a fish

Fish Updates
A quick update on the fish I’ve discussed in the last week.

Ancistrus Sp.
The 40+ common and albino fish are feeding and growing on very well, eating vast quantities of cucumber, courgette and Tetra Algae Wafers.

Various Angelfish
Considering they are currently housed in the same quarantine tank with the Kribensis and Orange Gourami feeding very well on frozen bloodworm and Tetra Prima.

Bueno Aires Tetra
Dorsal and caudal tail are showing signs of re-growth. Feeding well as always.

Purple Spotted Gobies/Gudgeon
I fear I may have one casualty, the fish that I had removed to a separate quarantine tank, has a bacterial infection around the caudal peduncle. It appears very red and bloody.
The qurantine tank has been treated with MelaFix at 5 millilitres per 40 litres. I’ve also another Purple Spotted Gobies/Gudgeon because it was being attacked by the sole fish. So this quarantine tank now has only one Purple Spotted Gobies/Gudgeon left in the tank. These are very vicious fish, I think I call this fish Sid!

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